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This blog is a space for influential voices from the charity sector to comment on topical fundraising issues, explore new fundraising ideas, highlight fundraising success stories, share expertise and more. To get involved, please email

People round a table success

Planning for success

Guest Bloggers | 25 May 2016

Over the past few years I've worked with hundreds of groups and individuals, I’ve helped them to build their confidence, to seek out the right fit in terms of sources of funding, to turn doubts into concepts, ideas into projects, and projects into sustainable services.

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Food and ingredients on a table

A Recipe for the ‘Perfect’ Grant Application

Guest Bloggers | 23 May 2016

Is grant fundraising as easy as baking a cake? Grants Manager Deanna Wolf shares her top tips for putting together a successful funding application.

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United as Europeans, but divided on consent

United as Europeans, but divided on consent

David Cole | 23 May 2016

Three cheers for a good idea - the intention to create a unified data protection framework across the European Union.

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Tumbling lottery balls

Changes to the Gambling Act: what do you need to know?

Stephanie Siddall | 20 May 2016

On 6th April a number of changes were made to the Gambling Act which relax some of the requirements for running certain exempt and private lotteries, while still ensuring that they are run fairly to support good causes. These changes come following a Department for Culture, Media and Sport consultation on proposed changes to some of the existing rules governing incidental non-commercial, private society, work and residents’ lotteries.

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You are invited to GetRaising!

You are invited to GetRaising!

Guest Bloggers | 18 May 2016

In light of changing fundraising regulations and the wake of the Kids Company scandal, fundraising and governance have never been so high in the public consciousness.

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Email symbols arising from a laptop

Meet Kinetic Email: the Latest in Dynamic Content and Donor Engagement

Guest Bloggers | 16 May 2016

The last 10 years have been a whirlwind of technological advances that have changed the way we think about fundraising — almost on a daily basis!

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The appeal of capital appeals

The appeal of capital appeals

Charlotte Bray | 12 May 2016

I have a love/hate relationship with change. In my non-work life I am very much a creature of habit. There are certain things I love doing, watching or reading. Given the choice I could potentially live on the same 5 ingredients (mainly cheese related) each week. How funny, then, that I should end up as a capital appeal specialist.

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Golden football icon

Financial autonomy and the importance of transformational corporate partnerships

Guest Bloggers | 10 May 2016

We at Football Beyond Borders are not only challenging conventional views in the worlds of football and education, but we are also challenging the established view of how corporate partnerships should work within the charity sector.

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Corporate fundraising team meeting

Account management is more than simply delivering, we must also expand

Guest Bloggers | 9 May 2016

I want to begin by asking the question, what makes a good Corporate Fundraising Account Manager?

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