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This blog is a space for influential voices from the charity sector to comment on topical fundraising issues, explore new fundraising ideas, highlight fundraising success stories, share expertise and more. To get involved, please email

Watching a live video on a tablet

Are you using the latest video trends for charity impact and engagement?

Kris Rollo | 22 August 2016

We often hear how important it is for charities to demonstrate their impact, highlight why they exist, what they do and the change that they make.

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Scottish Fundraising Conference 2016

Beneficiaries – a neglected topic of fundraisers’ conversations?

Guest Bloggers | 17 August 2016

One of my sharpest memories from the first Institute of Fundraising Convention I attended in the late 90s was a plenary debate with some of the leading figures in UK fundraisi...

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Trusteeship: volunteer and build your career

Trusteeship: volunteer and build your career

Guest Bloggers | 16 August 2016

Never has there been a more important moment for fundraisers to consider becoming trustees.

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Top tips for entering the IoF National Fundraising Awards

Top tips for entering the IoF National Fundraising Awards

Guest Bloggers | 15 August 2016

Thinking of entering into the National Fundraising Awards? Has your organisation got the 'X' factor?! Find out the Do's and Don'ts from the judges before you begin your entry!

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Brighton Heroes Run - Viking

When it comes to events fundraising, are you ahead of the crowd?

Daniel Fluskey | 15 August 2016

Whether it’s baking a cake, running a marathon, climbing a mountain, dressing up in a particular style or doing something completely off-the-wall, participating in an event to raise money for charity provides a unique opportunity for everyone to be a fundraiser.

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Key to influence

The First Key To Fundraising Influence

Rob Woods | 9 August 2016

If we are to help donors and supporters decide to give generously, we must help them feel some certainty that this would achieve something they care about.

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Successful partnerships for sustainable fundraising logo

The best partnerships are built on strong foundations

Daniel Fluskey | 4 August 2016

In the charity sector ‘relationships’ are everywhere. Relationships between trustee boards and fundraising teams, between charities and donors, and between charities and agencies or third parties they work with. Getting these relationships working well and positively is absolutely key to delivering the excellent fundraising that we want to see.

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A closer look at strategy with magnifying glass

I say, I say, I say... when is a strategy not a strategy?

Guest Bloggers | 3 August 2016

In one of my early experiences of developing a fundraising strategy for an organisation, my boss included in the template a series of definitions: strategy vs tactics vs business plan, etc.

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The Changing World of Legacy Giving

The Changing World of Legacy Giving

Richard Radcliffe | 2 August 2016

Legacy giving is changing in so many ways at the moment. It really is an exciting time, bringing new opportunities for an increasing range of charities. It’s not without its challenges though, so what better time to question what you really know about legacies…

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