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Celebrating excellent fundraising in the charity sector

Celebrating excellent fundraising in the charity sector

Mike Smith | 20 January 2017

This week we held a reception in the House of Commons to showcase the best of charity fundraising, as part of our ongoing work to strengthen the relationship between fundraisers and MPs in Parliament.

‘Tis a Gift to be…Regular

‘Tis a Gift to be…Regular

Guest Bloggers | 10 January 2017

Ah, regular giving – the holy grail of fundraising. Here at Pebblebeach Fundraising, we’ve been working with lots of charities to promote the value of regular giving to their supporters over the years.

Door to Number 10 Downing Street

To strengthen our ‘shared society’, the government should support excellent fundraising

Mike Smith | 9 January 2017

Theresa May’s ‘shared society’ agenda will be warmly, if cautiously, welcomed across the charity sector today.

Scottish Fundraising Conference 2017

Making the leap from delegate to conference speaker

Guest Bloggers | 6 January 2017

I am a Scottish Fundraising Conference superfan. There you go, I admit it. As long as I’ve been a fundraiser the conference has always been a date in my diary to look forward to. A couple of days away from my desk with a chance to refocus, gain new ideas and reaffirm that what I’ve been doing is on the right track.

Four Fundraising predictions for 2017

Four Fundraising predictions for 2017

John Baguley | 5 January 2017

As fundraisers embark on a new year of raising money for their respective charities, IFC Chair and winner of the Institute of Fundraising’s Lifetime Contribution Award, John Baguley, gazes into his crystal ball and predicts the top trends for the fundraising sector in 2017...

What's next for the fundraising community in 2017?

What's next for the fundraising community in 2017?

Peter Lewis | 23 December 2016

IoF Chief Executive, Peter Lewis, takes a look at what 2017 may bring from a fundraising perspective.

What's next for 2017: membership of the IoF

What's next for 2017: membership of the IoF

Joan Fisher | 22 December 2016

Joan Fisher, Head of Individual Membership reflects on some of the IoF membership milestones of 2016, and looks ahead at what IoF individual members can expect in 2017.

Data from a tablet

What’s next for 2017: Data based fundraising?

Guest Bloggers | 21 December 2016

With the changed fundraising environment, many charities priorities and focus have shifted toward managing donor data. Howard Lake explores...


What's next for 2017: Direct marketing fundraising

Guest Bloggers | 21 December 2016

Stephen Pidgeon takes a look at the coming year and what he believes will be the key considerations for charities and communications...

Rocket ship innovation

What's next for 2017: fundraising innovation and the next big thing

Adam Bryan | 21 December 2016

Adam Bryan, IoF Director of Partnerships, concludes his two part article on fundraising innovation and what could be the next big trend of 2017...

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