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10 things we learned from the joint regulatory event

Daniel Fluskey | 22 February 2017

Following the joint regulatory event in Manchester yesterday, IoF Head of Policy and Research Daniel Fluskey gives us his take on the 10 key areas.


Why your organisational culture has to reflect your charity values

Guest Bloggers | 20 February 2017

Sarah Carter, Director of Wisdom Fish, talks about the importance of developing an organisational culture that supports, nourishes and engages the people in it.

All aboard the regulatory train to Manchester

All aboard the regulatory train to Manchester

Daniel Fluskey | 17 February 2017

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 21st February in Manchester, a joint regulatory event will be held by the Information Commissioner’s Office, Fundraising Regulator, and Charity Commission.

As a former fundraiser, and as an MP, I know how important fundraising is

As a former fundraiser, and as an MP, I know how important fundraising is

Susan Elan Jones MP | 10 February 2017

A few weeks ago I hosted a wonderful Institute of Fundraising event in Parliament celebrating and showcasing examples of excellent fundraising. I was delighted to be able to give fundraisers the opportunity to highlight the amazing work that they do.

Charity Today: when we talk about the vital role charities play, we also talk about the work of fundraisers

Charity Today: when we talk about the vital role charities play, we also talk about the work of fundraisers

Mike Smith | 10 February 2017

“We need to change the narrative about the charity sector”. If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard that phrase over the last 2 years!

Fun run to raise money for good causes

JustGiving: there’s a need to invest in innovation to support good causes

Guest Bloggers | 7 February 2017

There is a new story in the press this morning criticising one of the most important companies supporting the sector, JustGiving. JustGiving are ‘accused’ of taking £20m from donations while paying their staff up to £200,000.

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Time for the ‘self’ to make itself heard in regulation

Daniel Fluskey | 3 February 2017

Today the Fundraising Regulator has published its first consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice. Covering issues around trustee duties, monitoring of third parties, vulnerable people, and others this is the first time that charities, fundraising organisations, and the public will have their chance to inform the Regulator of their views and ideas on the rules that fundraisers are held accountable to.

5 Predictions for Future of Fundraising

5 Predictions for Future of Fundraising

Beth Kanter | 2 February 2017

As we start a new year, it’s time to think about a new digital strategy. How can you futureproof your fundraising activity? Master trainer and social media guru, Beth Kanter, has predicted the future of fundraising. While future trends don’t always come to fruition, at Social Misfits Media we think these are a pretty safe bet.


No charity branding equals fewer contact permissions

Guest Bloggers | 30 January 2017

Trust influences donors willingness to give their contact permission. That statement almost seems obvious and self-explanatory. The real question is by how much does trust influence the donor's willingness to give a contact permission? The answer is “a lot!” The result should make any fundraiser reconsider some of the ways fundraising has been done online the last 20 years.


ICO fines - what are the legal implications for charities and fundraisers?

Institute of Fundraising | 27 January 2017

The recent Monetary Penalty Notices issued to BHF and the RSPCA by the ICO have understandably raised concerns and questions for charities and fundraisers about their implications for charitable fundraising moving forward.

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