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Recruiter selecting CV

CV tips & advice for fundraising roles

Guest Bloggers | 18 April 2017

What makes a great fundraising CV? The short answer is... one that stands out! Anyone can list their jobs and experience, but a good CV shows evidence and results.

Runners at a fundraising event

3 ways to enhance your charity event with the help of technology

Guest Bloggers | 20 March 2017

Organising a charity event? Find out how to enhance your event management process with the help of technology.

How to increase trustee participation in philanthropy

How to increase trustee participation in philanthropy

Guest Bloggers | 16 March 2017

The recent ICO rulings and impending introduction of the Fundraising Preference Service will change the nature of individual giving to the extent that many organisations will feel pressure to increase income from other sources, including philanthropy, to ensure they are able to deliver the same quality and quantity of programmes and services.

Coming full circle

Coming full circle

Guest Bloggers | 14 March 2017

When I wrote my last blog post about the Future Leaders Programme, I themed it around a particular comment that course leader Mark made in the very first session which resonated with me: that the most highly performing teams are those which are comfortable with change.

Fundraising Convention 2017

You’ve got skills, they’re multiplying…

Guest Bloggers | 6 March 2017

To work in fundraising requires a special kind of person. You’ve already got so many incredible skills; commitment, communication, creativity, the ability to build and maintain a relationship. But even the best fundraisers need to stretch their comfort zone sometimes.


Why your organisational culture has to reflect your charity values

Guest Bloggers | 20 February 2017

Sarah Carter, Director of Wisdom Fish, talks about the importance of developing an organisational culture that supports, nourishes and engages the people in it.

Fun run to raise money for good causes

JustGiving: there’s a need to invest in innovation to support good causes

Guest Bloggers | 7 February 2017

There is a new story in the press this morning criticising one of the most important companies supporting the sector, JustGiving. JustGiving are ‘accused’ of taking £20m from donations while paying their staff up to £200,000.


No charity branding equals fewer contact permissions

Guest Bloggers | 30 January 2017

Trust influences donors willingness to give their contact permission. That statement almost seems obvious and self-explanatory. The real question is by how much does trust influence the donor's willingness to give a contact permission? The answer is “a lot!” The result should make any fundraiser reconsider some of the ways fundraising has been done online the last 20 years.

Pebblebeach Brighton

‘Tis a Gift to be…Regular

Guest Bloggers | 10 January 2017

Ah, regular giving – the holy grail of fundraising. Here at Pebblebeach Fundraising, we’ve been working with lots of charities to promote the value of regular giving to their supporters over the years.

Scottish Fundraising Conference 2017

Making the leap from delegate to conference speaker

Guest Bloggers | 6 January 2017

I am a Scottish Fundraising Conference superfan. There you go, I admit it. As long as I’ve been a fundraiser the conference has always been a date in my diary to look forward to. A couple of days away from my desk with a chance to refocus, gain new ideas and reaffirm that what I’ve been doing is on the right track.

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