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Guest Bloggers | 9 December 2016

Faith groups are large bodies of people from different backgrounds that share common principles. One of them being the act of charity, a concept woven into the fabric of all the major religions.

IoF Corporate Supporter Member, TMH Media, write about UK Christians as an example to explain how getting to know more about faith groups can enhance giving to your Charity.

Do your homework

In the last UK census (2011), 33.2 million people identified as Christian.

Finding information on this large and varied consumer group is difficult and this makes it hard to attract them as donors.

TMH Media, a company with nearly 30 years experience specialising in Christian and Ethnic media and marketing, recently addressed this problem. Their Managing Director, Emma Tinsley, explains, "We wanted to know more about Christians and their lifestyle so that we could help our clients increase their reach. Finding information that was up to date and relevant was difficult, so we commissioned our own consumer survey of UK Christians."

The survey, called the 'Christian Opinion Panel', aimed to find out more about this vast demographic.

Emma continues, "The questions we asked were diverse and varied and taught us a lot about our participants. We learned how they spend their time and money, how much time they spend on the internet, or watch TV."

"Most importantly," Emma added, "we asked them whether they give to Charity? How frequently they donate, and how much they gave."

The importance of charity to Christians was reflected in the fact that 86% of participants regularly support a multitude of Charities. Of these people, 85% donate up to £2k a year, and a further 14% donate up to £7k.

"The survey was a great success! We confirmed UK Christians are regular givers to charities, and we also know a lot more about their media consumption and lifestyle. This means we can help our clients reach out to UK Christians more effectively."


Advertise intelligently

It makes sense to target groups that want to give to Charity. Resources such as the Christian Opinion Panel are of benefit to fundraisers that want to get in front of Faith Groups.  Using the intelligence garnered in consumer surveys of Faith Groups will unlock potential new donor areas and guide advertising strategies.


Stay relevant

Consumer surveys are a fantastic way to get a lot of information quickly, but the information can date. To remain effective, information must be up-to-date. One way to stay relevant is to use social media as a platform for your research. TMH Media have also implemented this strategy to great effect. They use a closed Facebook group to engage survey participants and to grow their UK Christian membership. Emma explains, "Facebook has enabled us to continually engage with members and to grow our numbers, making our survey ongoing."


TMH Media logoTMH Media are an IoF Corporate Supporter Member and leading media agency specialising in helping Charities, Religious and Ethnic organisations achieve great ROIs for their campaigns

The Christian Opinion Panel is available for download


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