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Remember a Charity week 12-18th September #mywisdom

Peter Lewis | 9 September 2016

New figures this week show that more people than ever are choosing to leave a gift to charity in their will.

This is a truly amazing reflection of public generosity, but it is also testament to the wonderful work of legacy fundraisers and Remember A Charity, our long-term campaign to increase legacy giving.  Next week will see the 7th Remember a Charity In Your Will awareness week and it is set to be the biggest legacy awareness drive yet. 

Gifts in Wills 2015Legacy giving is increasing in its importance for charities and the causes and people they help. Analysis from Smee & Ford indicates that 37,261 Wills in England, Scotland and Wales in 2015 included a legacy donation, up from 34,908 in 2014.

With donors including an average of three charity beneficiaries in each will, over 121,000 bequests were recorded in 2015. This means that legacy gifts to charities are now worth £2.5 billion each year, guaranteeing those that leave legacies have a lasting impact on the causes they care about.   



Despite this increasing generosity there are signs that there is even greater potential for legacy giving, especially if our vision of leaving a gift in your will, large or small, becomes the norm rather than the exception. Currently only 7% of the UK public leave a gift in their will for charities compared to 75% of people who donate during their lifetime. Clearly, there is more we can do to spread the message about legacy giving.

To help encourage this, we not only need to see the continuing success of amazing awareness raising campaigns like Remember A Charity Week, but also grow relationships with the solicitors and legal professionals who play a key role in informing those planning a will about the option of leaving a gift to a cause they care about. The government continues to be very supportive of initiatives to increase legacy giving and we’re delighted that this collaboration with Remember A Charity and others this will continue. 

This year’s Remember A Charity Week will follow in the footsteps of previous successes, and is packed with activity and resources to inspire and enthuse the public to think about the mark they leave on the world. So whether it’s sharing the campaign’s promotional video (after you’ve watched it and been inspired yourself, of course!); taken a selfie next to one of the campaign posters displayed at many of the UK’s busiest service stations and on the London Underground; and on social media, where celebrities, charity supporters and the wider public will be encouraged to share their words of wisdom with others through #mywisdom. At the Institute of Fundraising we’re getting behind this important and exciting campaign and would encourage the entire charity community to do so too! 

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