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Fundraising Matters

Fundraising Matters: 7 non-profit experts share their secrets

Guest Bloggers | 23 August 2017

From marketing to governance and leveraging data insight, Fundraising Matters explores the way that practices throughout non-profit organisations play a part in building stronger constituent relationships, enhancing fundraising and delivering more for causes.

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I’m passionate about developing fundraisers to be the best they can be

Kath Abrahams | 20 April 2017

Director of Engagement & Fundraising at Diabetes UK, Kath Abrahams, discuss why becoming a trustee of the Institute felt like the right step forward to help fundraisers become the best they can be.

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Be part of the way the fundraising profession moves forward

Emily Drayson | 10 April 2017

We ask Emily Drayson, founder of Drayson Research and Researchers in Fundraising SIG member, why she decided to join the IoF Trustee Board, and why you should get involved too!

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This is an important time for fundraising - join the IoF Trustee board

Dominic Will | 4 April 2017

HOME Fundraising's joint MD, Dominic Will, explains why he decided to apply to become an IoF trustee, and discusses the role of trustee leadership in supporting fundraisers and influencing the sector.

How to increase trustee participation in philanthropy

How to increase trustee participation in philanthropy

Guest Bloggers | 16 March 2017

The recent ICO rulings and impending introduction of the Fundraising Preference Service will change the nature of individual giving to the extent that many organisations will feel pressure to increase income from other sources, including philanthropy, to ensure they are able to deliver the same quality and quantity of programmes and services.

trustees around the table

What's next for 2017: prediction on engagement of trustees with fundraising

Stephanie Siddall | 13 December 2016

IoF Policy Officer, Stephanie Siddall, looks ahead to next year, and how trustee boards are already getting behind their charity's fundraising efforts.

What can trustee boards do to navigate the current fundraising landscape?

What can trustee boards do to navigate the current fundraising landscape?

Guest Bloggers | 1 December 2016

As a starting point, some context about trustees and the recent fundraising issues may be useful. Put simply, governance of charities is now under the spotlight. A series of failures by a handful of charities has given the sector a fairly bad reputation.

Trustees and Fundraising handbook

Far from one size fits all: Governance of fundraising in large and small charities

Guest Bloggers | 25 October 2016

I am proud to serve as a Trustee in two organisations – Oxfam GB, one the UK's largest and best known charities, and Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT), a significantly smaller charity with a very specific focus.

Trustees and Fundraising

Fundraising should be central to the thinking of every charity Trustee Board

Guest Bloggers | 19 October 2016

It shouldn’t have to be said, but I’m afraid this is still viewed as a controversial statement.

Trustees and Fundraising

A win-win-win? Having fundraisers on your Trustee board benefits your organisation, the fundraiser, and the charity sector

Guest Bloggers | 10 October 2016

Recent controversies in charity fundraising, teamed with the rapidly changing technological landscape (the so called Fourth Industrial Revolution), make the role of a charity Trustee increasingly multi-faceted.

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