Top tips for entering the IoF National Fundraising Awards

Top tips for entering the IoF National Fundraising Awards

Guest Bloggers | 15 August 2016

Thinking of entering into the National Fundraising Awards? Has your organisation got the 'X' factor?! Find out the Do's and Don'ts from the judges before you begin your entry!

Some of our judges have offered their advice and top tips for writing your National Fundraising Awards 2016 nomination!

It's not just for big charities!

Ryhannon Burman-Day"Big is not always best so I would really encourage fundraisers at smaller charities to put forward nominations," says The Children's Society's Regional Fundraising ManagerRhyannon Burman-Day 




Howard Lake"Be concise. You don't have to use the maximum word length permitted. Fundraising excellence can still shine through in well-chosen words." - Howard Lake, UK Fundraising director 



Bryan MillerBryan Miller, consultant at Strategy Refresh, offers this advice: "Be clear about your fundraising objectives and provide some context to these. Be very clear about the specific, quantified financial objectives for your campaign and report on how well you performed against these. You should also provide some context to your objectives, so your performance can be judged on something other than just the scale of the final amount raised. This is especially important to enable smaller organisations to be judged fairly against larger charities."


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Howard Lake says: "Try using sub-headings in some of the free text boxes. Used well, those can help indicate a clear line of description or argument."

"Your submission should be a ‘good read’ from start to finish. Take the time to write your submission in a clear and structured way and have someone else read it through before you finalise it, to help ensure it makes complete sense to someone not directly involved with your campaign." - Bryan Miller 


What to include and what not to include...

Matt Collins"Obviously good ROI and a detailed application that doesn't repeat itself is essential. After that, we're just looking for the X-factor!" explains Matt Collins, founder of Platypus Digital



"Do specify the amounts raised and the ROI, and the dates in between which the sum was raised. Promotion and PR are useful but the awards are about fundraising." - Howard Lake

"Don’t try to hide low fundraising performance under a comfort blanket of social engagement data. If you have non-financial objectives (social shares, etc.) as well as financial objectives then feel free to include them too, as they all help illustrate the full value generated by a campaign. But remember that when you’re submitting for a fundraising award, performance against income targets will far outweigh the fact you increased your Twitter followers or were ‘liked’ by Stephen Fry." - Bryan Miller

Kevin Kibble"I'd advise getting the view from the beneficiary wherever possible – impact is also important as is fundraising success; relative success levels for the individual charity and impact on the charity’s outputs." -says Kevin Kibble, Chair of the Judges.

Kevin also notes that there are things to avoid too: "Do not include references to other documents not included in support of the nomination (especially web links), and don’t quote research without appropriate referencing. Last year, one nomination famously put 'I don’t have much information but it will be available on their website'."


Before you submit...

"Get someone else to read through your entry - just as you would with a grant application. A fresh view could help highlight where it can be made clearer." - Howard Lake

Tamsin Parkes"Prepare your entry in a Word document so that you can spell-check and edit easily. (This also helps if the website crashes during typing out the entry)" - Tamsin Parkes, IoF events manager


"Don’t wait until the day before deadline day to start writing your nomination – give yourself time to get colleague/friend feedback and ensure you haven’t left anything out." - Tamsin Parkes, IoF events manager

So go on and enter this year's National Fundraising Awards for free!

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