What's next for 2017: prediction on engagement of trustees with fundraising

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Stephanie Siddall | 13 December 2016

IoF Policy Officer, Stephanie Siddall, looks ahead to next year, and how trustee boards are already getting behind their charity's fundraising efforts.

Throughout 2016, there is no doubt that trustees’ attention has been more focused on fundraising. The conclusion of the PACAC Committee Report in January, the revision of the Charity Commission CC20 guidance for trustees in June and the joint publication of our practical handbook for trustees in October were particularly significant moments. 

This increased attention and interest from trustees is good news. For a long time, fundraising has been disconnected from services and activities - trustees have been known to focus on the amount of money coming in, rather than how it was raised. 

But fundraising is about much more than bringing in the money. It has been clear over the last 18 months that, as one of the most visible aspects of a charity’s work, fundraising activity can massively shape public opinion. Trustees have an important role to play in ensuring that fundraising meets the required standards and legislation. 

Now, we’re now seeing much more evidence of trustees seeing fundraising as part of the bigger picture and asking the right questions to ensure that – when their charity fundraises – it does so effectively, legally and responsibly. 

But it doesn’t stop there. In 2017, we’re sure to see charity trustee boards building on the work we’ve seen this year by placing fundraising at the very heart of what they do. Fundraising must as be central to the mission and identity of a charity as the service or programme they work to deliver. 

Our vision at the IoF is ‘excellent fundraising for a better world’ - I hope that over the next 12 months we see trustees not just focusing on how to prevent poor fundraising practice, but positively and actively promoting excellent fundraising too. 

What do you think will be the main considerations for charity trustee boards in 2017? Let us know on Twitter!

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