Who stole my day? - A simple lesson from school we stupidly forgot

Scottish Fundraising Conference 2016

Guest Bloggers | 21 September 2016

Do you remember being at school and worrying about how you were going to fit everything in? I mean, it was crazy – so many different things going on, way too much to remember!

How on earth did we manage to fit in Maths, English, French, History, Geography, General Studies (!), Chemistry, Biology, P.E., R.E., Physics….the list goes on.

And yet, as I recall it, I never once fretted about how I was going to manage to squeeze in enough lessons of each subject to get through the curriculum and be ready for exams at the end of it.

Why not?

Simple. We had a timetable.

This is very profound. We had a schedule to follow that allocated blocks of time for each subject that would allow us sufficient number of hours working on the material that would prepare us for the end goal – passing exams.

Why is it then that having left school, and with just as many different things coming our way in life and in work, that we tend to wing it…hoping we’ll manage to fit it all in, responding to the things that shout loudest, often leaving insufficient time for seriously important things.

Solution? Simple. Timetable it.

The creation of a weekly timetable, or Time Picture, as we call is, is often one of those massive ‘light bulb moments’ for our clients as the realisation dawns…

“You don’t find time; you schedule it.”

We used to know that in school. We forgot.


Nick Howes, FCMI MIC Director, Leadership Management UK

At the Scottish Fundraising Conference 2016, Nick will be leading a seminar, titled “Who stole my day?”, which echoes the forlorn cry of many a person he has worked with! The age-old quest to achieve more in less time has become an area of expertise for Nick in his work with hundreds of leaders and managers across the UK.


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