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Welcome to our Training & Events calendar. You can search our calendar by event type, interest, region and date. Also take a look at our featured events in the right hand column.

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Bookings closed - Diploma in Fundraising, London, 2+3 full day non-residential (26-27 March 2015 & 11-13 May 2015)Bookings closed - Diploma in Fundraising, London, 2+3 full day non-residential (26-27 March 2015 & 11-13 May 2015)

26/03/2015 Pre-course work is required to ensure students are fully prepared for the first training session and the qualification takes approximately 9 months to complete. There are set deadlines for assessments (please see below) and students need to be working in a fundraising capacity (either voluntary or paid) in order to complete the work based assessments.

Bookings have now closed.


April First ThursdayApril First Thursday

02/04/2015 Fundraising Camp with Howard Lake


First Thursday Networking Birmingham AprilFirst Thursday Networking Birmingham April

02/04/2015 This month's free First Thursday Networking in Birmingham is focusing on Community Fundraising


First Thursday Networking Stoke-on-Trent AprilFirst Thursday Networking Stoke-on-Trent April

02/04/2015 Our free First Thursday networking event in Stoke-on-Trent will be focusing on Events Fundraising this month.


National Archives- The Giving Value ProjectNational Archives- The Giving Value Project

02/04/2015 The Giving value project has been put together to support the UK archives sector in improving its fundraising knowledge, skills and capacity. The projects offers a range of training for fundraising for archive, some of which are delivered by the Institute of Fundraising.


April Networking Event ManchesterApril Networking Event Manchester

14/04/2015 IoF North West Networking Event Manchester


Introductory Certificate in Fundraising (London)Introductory Certificate in Fundraising (London)

16/04/2015 The London Region is pleased to present the one-day Introductory Certificate in Fundraising (ICiF) course. This one-day accredited course develops knowledge and skills for those who are either:
- New to fundraising (around six months)
- Interested in working in fundraising or the sector
- Working in a different function but would like to know more about fundraising


IoF Scotland Policy Q & AIoF Scotland Policy Q & A

16/04/2015 Is policy something that interests you? If so, get yourself along to our special policy Q & A on the 16th of April.

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Breaking down silos to grow income in your organisationBreaking down silos to grow income in your organisation

20/04/2015 What if you could cause a butterfly effect in your organisation? "What if a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state?" In other words if your organisation was able to break down silos and work more holistically how much could it help your fundraising income grow?

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Events Fundraising for Heritage Organisations - LondonEvents Fundraising for Heritage Organisations - London

20/04/2015 This one day workshop will provide you with the logistical know-how to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of what is needed to design and deliver your best fundraising event to date.
Whether you want to raise awareness for your cause, meet new prospects, cultivate relationships with donors, thank loyal supporters or simply raise money for your cause, you need to understand the principles and practices of planning, managing and staging successful and memorable events.

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