2014 case studies

Read some of the testimonials from fundraisers who graduated with an IoF qualification in 2014:

Julie Schwarz, Director of Mencap Trust Company Ltd

Graduated with: Diploma in Fundraising

"Looking back I realised that I signed up for the Diploma course naively. It turned out to be a big commitment and a huge learning curve. That said it has been invaluable in my admittedly non-fundraising role as Director of Mencap Trust Company."

The 2 most important things I learned through the Diploma were to always put yourself in your various customer’s shoes, and to measure the difference each marketing activity has made." 

"At the Mencap Trust Company this quickly translated in to a brochure thoroughly tested by a group of settlors, beneficiaries and support staff. It then developed in to the commissioning of 3 short videos for our redesigned web pages. The disciplines and approaches I have learned are now routine and key to creatively developing our business."

"My responsibility at Mencap Trust Company is to provide a discretionary trust service that makes life better for our beneficiaries for the whole of their lives. Yet the charitable funds raised are remarkable. Of the 846 trust deeds we hold 4 in 10 have named a charity as joint or sole remainderman." 

"Why have so many parents made this generous pledge? Mencap Trust Company is there to look after a vulnerable loved one for the whole of their life, and particularly after parents have passed away. Naming a charity  as a residuary beneficiary in the trust deed is simply completion of the legacy gift “once you have taken care of your family and friends”. Proof? Mencap is only one of the many charities that are named by settlors. Families are choosing the good causes that mean most to them."

"Would I recommend the diploma? Hold on to your hat and be absolutely committed to being curious and hard working. Enjoy and learn from the people you will meet on the way, and the ideas you will share and build. You will get back far more than you put in."


Alison Ward-Foster, Fundraising Manager, Ashgate Hospice

Graduated with: Certificate in Fundraising

“My ambitions as a fundraiser are to further my professional development and be successful in each fundraising role I undertake. Studying for the Certificate in Fundraising has given me the drive to do so.

"The best experience of my fundraising career so far was watching over 1000 women dressed in pink flashing bunny ears walking together at Midnight through the streets for their local Hospice at Midnight!"

Since graduating with an Institute of Fundraising qualification I have been made fundraising manager. The Certificate in Fundraising qualified me to apply for the position but also gave me a depth of knowledge which has also given me confidence to develop my career."  

"I would recommend the Certificate without a doubt. The qualification is so important to any aspiring fundraiser, it gives you the theory to back up your crazy fundraising ideas that are inevitably going to be ‘the next BIG thing’.”


James Salomons

Graduated with: Certificate in Fundraising

How do you think you will benefit from graduating with an IoF qualification?

A qualification from an established body such as the IoF will add clout to my experience when it comes to applying for jobs. A fairly selfish reason, but there it is. On top of that, the knowledge gained from it will help me to be better at raising money for worthwhile causes.” 

Would you recommend your qualification to a fellow fundraiser and why?

“Absolutely – because it gives you the knowledge to critically analyse an organisation and develop a fundraising strategy to meet their needs. Best done, in my opinion, if you focus on a charity you don’t work for! A rewarding experience.”


Sophie Jardine, Fundraising Manager, BHF

Graduated with: Certificate in Fundraising

How do you think you will benefit from graduating with an IoF qualification? 

"I feel studying for the IoF qualification (Certificate in Fundraising) has given me solid ground knowledge that can only benefit me in my role as a Community Fundraising Manager. Should I wish to progress or move on in the future, I hope it may show potential employers I have strong transferable skills and knowledge that could benefit their organisation too.” 

Would you recommend your qualification to a fellow fundraiser and why? 

"The Certificate in Fundraising (online) was an interesting and useful way of studying for a qualification with the IoF. It was at times challenging to juggle full time work and studying/assignments but thoroughly worth it for the sake of 6 months hard work. I studied for the qualification after 4 years of being employed in the third sector, and only wish I had had the opportunity to do so in my first year, as I feel it would have helped me develop and learn a lot quicker. An excellent experience and I hope to undertake the Diploma in the coming years.”

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