2015 case studies

Why do you love being a fundraiser?

Jamie McIntosh, Fundraising Manager, The Leprosy Mission Scotland

Graduated with: Certificate in Fundraising

“As a Christian, I enjoy helping Christians put their faith into action, by giving to a cause that reflects their values and beliefs.” 

Committed to continuous professional development and annoyed when I cannot answer a fundraising-related question, the Certificate in Fundraising allowed me to learn skills, improve knowledge and gain confidence.

"I am currently putting what I learnt into practice in my day job. This includes testing, testing and more testing! And regularly referring back to the course textbook and study notes!"

How can an IoF qualification help you advance?

Indira Aitbay, Fundraiser, Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia

Graduated with: Certificate in Fundraising

“I found that a role of a fundraiser indeed incorporates knowledge from various disciplines - marketing, management, strategy, research, business development, etc. and gives you opportunity to contribute to social development, to do something good.”

"Having a background in project management, I was offered a role in fundraising and I felt I needed to improve my knowledge. As the fundraising sector is still emerging in Kazakhstan, I liked the idea of obtaining a professional qualification as opposed to short-term training."

I have moved to another organisation since I have completed the course, and have higher chances of being involved in strategic planning of a non-profit." 

Why study for an IoF qualification?

Helen Parsons, Senior Events Fundraiser, Action for Children

Graduated with: Certificate in Fundraising

“Creating a connection with another person so strong that it inspires them to give is pretty special and incredibly rewarding.”

I graduated in the Certificate in Fundraising with distinction and I’m really keen to ensure the sector is seen as much as a profession as any other. The fundraisers I know are highly skilled people with great integrity, so I was keen to walk the walk, by adding an IoF qualification to my repertoire, and make sure I’m the best fundraiser I can be too." 

"I hope to use my new found knowledge gained through the course to share with colleagues and build my own experience as I (hopefully!) progress through the sector in my future career. Ultimately, I hope to raise many more millions for fantastic causes!"

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