International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising

Need to direct and lead fundraising, planning, analysis and forecasting at the highest level? Want create an environment that enables fundraising to flourish and demonstrate your commitment to the evolution of the fundraising profession? The International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising could be for you.

Claire Routley talks Advanced DiplomaWho is this qualification for?

You are expected to have been working at a senior level for a minimum of five years with a proven knowledge of each major area of fundraising and experience of senior fundraising management. The content is highly strategic – you will need skills in analysis, synthesis and evaluation to succeed.



What are the benefits to you and your organisation?

You will be enabled to lead organisational growth and increase impact. You will understand how the application of your extensive practice and management skills combined with academic knowledge and research can help an organisation to double, triple (or more), fundraising income in less than 10 years. By challenging yourself and the organisation you work with, you will be helping to define the fundraising profession. Through your success, your organisation will be helped to fulfill its mission and produce greater impact.


What will you learn?

The International Advanced Diploma teaches you how to create the institutional environment to enable fundraising to flourish – it does not teach fundraising. The knowledge audit will help you assess whether you are ready to meet the challenge.



You must complete and pass seven formal written assignments. The qualification is taught at level 7, Masters degree level.


How will you learn?

You are taught via blended learning, with face-to-face (two 3-day teaching blocks) and online elements. You are expected to engage with the course material and your fellow students in advance, between and after the teaching blocks.

The approach is ground-breaking; it is the only professional qualification to be entirely delivered through Active Learning and Just in Time teaching approaches.

The faculty is led by acclaimed international fundraising academics and authors, Professors Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang.


What level of commitment is needed?

This is a demanding year-long course; you are expected to commit approximately 10-12 hours a week until the completion of the programme. This amounts to approximately 600 hours of individual study.

You will be required to complete a knowledge audit as part of the application process. It will enable you to assess whether the Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Fundraising is the best route for your learning needs.

Once you have successfully enrolled on the course, your timetable will include:

  • 8-12 weeks of learning activities to help prepare you for the first face-to-face teaching block
  • 3 intensive consecutive days of classroom-based activities (teaching block 1)
  • 14-16 weeks of study including submission of your first 3 assignments
  • 3 intensive consecutive days of classroom-based activities (teaching block 2)
  • 12-14 weeks of study to complete your remaining 4 assignments


Course dates, course fees and next steps:

Please contact the team for further information for details regarding the course schedules for 2017 at with 'International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising interest' in the subject.

2017 cohort *applications closed*

The face to face teaching element of the 2017 course will take place in July 2017 and October 2017. Please note the face to face teaching will take place over 6 full days (in 2 blocks of 3 days), the attendance at every training day is compulsory. The dates are:

Block one: 12, 13, 14 July 2017 (post IoF Fundraising Convention)

Block two: 9, 10, 11 October 2017 (pre IFC)

You are expected to engage with the course material and your fellow students in advance, between and after the teaching blocks.


Assignment deadlines:

The course will be assessed by seven formal written assignments. Deadlines will be provided in advance to help students plan their studies:

Assignment deadlines:

Major Assignment 1 - 13 August 2017

Major Assignment 2 - 27 August 2017

Major Assignment 3 - 8 October 2017

Major Assignment 4 - 29 October 2017

Major Assignment 5 - 3 December 2017

Major Assignment 6 - 7 January 2018

Major Assignment 7 - 4 February 2018

 To register your interest for 2017 please send an email to with 'International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising interest' in the subject. A member of the Academy team will get in touch with our course handbook. We ask potential students to revise this document and start assessing their eligibility. Once you have considered your eligibility, and wish to apply, please follow the application process below.

Application process:

Phase 1: Please submit your CV to the IoF Academy team for review by 6th March 2017

CVs are accepted throughout the year

Phase 2: Complete a Knowledge Audit by 10th March 2017.

Following a review of your CV the likely next stage in your application process will be the completion of a Knowledge Audit. This has been designed to help our potential students decide whether they have the required level of experience, skills and capacity to proceed. A section of this audit will be reviewed by our faculty as part of your application; once this part of the process has been completed and assuming you would like to proceed, full booking details will be sent to you.

Please note places are strictly limited for each course intake.

2017 IADF course fees: 

- £3,950  (IoF Individual members)

- £4,100** (non-members – includes 1st year IoF Individual Membership).

Please note you can request an invoice as well as pay with a credit card online.

Fees include access to all online course materials, IoF Individual Membership, two three-day teaching blocks, student support and supervision and assignment grading. You will need to purchase the two core course textbooks yourself directly at additional cost.

Accommodation at the teaching blocks will need to be arranged individually at additional cost.

** If you are not yet an individual IoF member your first year's membership is included with the non-member rate to enable you to access the full range of IoF member benefits during your course. You must hold a valid IoF individual membership while studying for a qualification.

Booking terms and conditions apply for all IoF qualification courses - for details please click here. Please note if you are a new member you will need to provide a reference to complete your membership application and our Membership team will get in touch with you to arrange this on receipt of your booking. You can visit our membership pages for more information.


Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the IoF Academy Team on 020 7840 1020 or email

The International Advanced Diploma has been developed in collaboration with the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the European Fundraising Association, and is recognised throughout Europe and North America.

The International Advanced Diploma launch presentation delivered by Professor Adrian Sargeant at the IoF Convention 2013 in July is available here.

You can download these slides from our website  here