**Suspended** Introductory Certificate in Fundraising


The IoF reviewed the Introductory Certificate in Fundraising course (ICiF) in consultation with regional committee representatives in Nov 2016. As a result of this review it was agreed delivery of the ICiF should cease by September 2017.

The ICiF course has been replaced by the Introduction to Fundraising course, which is run across the UK by the IoF Regional, National and selected Special Interest Groups. This course covers the same areas of the National Occupational Standards in Fundraising, but with more emphasis on practical application. New course materials and refreshed learning outcomes were developed, and this course is accredited by the IoF.

Please click here for further details of the Introduction to Fundraising courses.


ICiF historical information:

What was taught?

  • The Fundraising Environment unit with an introduction to the voluntary sector, the nature of the giving relationship, the Code of Practice, Regulation and charity stakeholders.
  • The Role of Fundraising unit examined different sources of voluntary income, the case for support and fundraising performance.
  • The Fundraising Skills unit highlighted key skills and the link between the category of fundraising, fundraising volunteers and donor relationship models.
  • The Learning about Fundraising unit covered the role of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), fundraising standards and fundraising education.


How was it assessed?

Successful completion of an online multiple choice assessment.