Frequently Asked Fundraising Questions

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General information

  • Do I have to be registered with anyone (for example the IoF, Charity Commission) to be able to fundraise?


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Telephone Fundraising and the TPS

  • What is the Telephone Preference Service? (TPS)
  • Can charities call numbers that are on the TPS register?
  • What counts as ‘consent’? 
  • Does consent need to be explicit (opt-in) or can it be implied (opt-out)?
  • Does it matter whether the consent has been given before/after the TPS registration?
  • Are all types of calls covered by the TPS?
  • What are ‘administrative’ calls?


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Picking a cause

  • Is it possible to raise funds for an individual or cause that isn’t a registered charity?
  • Am I able to fundraise for non-UK charities?
  • How can I make sure that a charity is genuine?


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How is fundraising regulated?

  • How is fundraising regulated?
  • Are there rules which fundraisers should follow?
  • How are complaints about fundraising dealt with?
  • How many complaints are there about fundraising?
  • What is the Charity Commission’s role in regulating fundraising?
  • Are there different rules in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?
  • Do charities have to report on the amounts they raise and spend?


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Questions on fundraising activities

  • Do I need a licence to collect money on the street or to go from door to door?
  • Is there a minimum age limit for people to be involved in fundraising and collecting money?
  • What information do I need to have on fundraising materials (address, charity number, etc.)
  • We want to run a raffle or a lottery – do we need a licence?
  • What do I need to know if we’re planning an outdoor event?
  • Can we work with professional fundraising agencies in our fundraising, and what are the rules?
  • What are solicitation statements?
  • We’re thinking about working with a business to develop – do you have information on agreements/contracts?
  • What is a commercial participator?
  • How do online platforms work and are they safe to use?
  • What are the rules for putting on an auction?


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Data protection

  • How long can I hold donors information for?
  • Do we need to include an opt-out or opt-in in our communications with donors?
  • What rules for Data Protection do we need to follow?


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Tax effective giving

  • What is Gift Aid?
  • What donations can I claim Gift Aid on?
  • How do I claim Gift Aid?
  • What’s the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme and how does it work?
  • How does Payroll Giving work?
  • How do I sign up for Payroll Giving?
  • What are the tax reliefs for leaving legacy gifts in wills?
  • VAT: Top tips for fundraising events


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  • Is it ok for volunteers to fundraise?
  • How much are fundraisers paid?
  • Do you recommend targets or minimum amounts that fundraisers should raise?
  • Can fundraisers be paid on a commission-only basis?


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FAQ guide to improving website performance

Ve Interactive, an IoF Corporate Supporter Member, have produced a guide for charities aiming to improve website performance - download it here

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