Introduction to Fundraising

Whether you are starting out in fundraising, or wanting to refresh, this section highlights important points to consider before getting started.

What is fundraising?

Watch the short Five Minute Fundraiser below to find out:


This section contains the following areas.

sublanding Fundraising Strategy
Guidance on fundraising strategy
sublanding Starting fundraising in your organisation
If you are just beginning to fundraise, you will probably need help and advice
sublanding Fundraising for an Individual
There are several ways to fundraise for an individual and it does not have to be through a registered charity
sublanding Fundraising for your chosen cause
No matter how you fundraise, you need to make sure you are open and honest about what it is you are raising money for
sublanding Fundraising for Charities abroad
It is possible to fundraise for charities that are not registered in the UK
sublanding Fundraising for Emergency Appeals
Lots of people feel compelled to help others in response to an emergency, and in most cases, through donations and fundraising
sublanding Giving
Donations can be made of money, goods or your time and expertise