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Give as you Live and Institute of Fundraising launch The Digital Giving Review 2012

2 July 2012

In partnership with the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), Give as you Live™ has today launched the Digital Giving Review 2012. Key findings suggest that although a charity’s offline audience is more or less equal size to its online audience (49% offline vs 51% online), 70% of all donations are received through offline channels.

Even in today’s digital world, only 30% of donations are received through online channels. Of this 30%, the primary online donation channels are online giving websites (90%), email (7%) and Facebook (3%).  No charities in this survey claim to have received donations through Twitter. This survey suggests that social media is not currently being viewed as a donation channel.

Interestingly, charities are communicating more frequently online than offline. When it comes to daily communication, nearly half (47.5%) of the charities surveyed communicate daily through social media channels, compared to 13% offline.  Over a third (34%) of charities communicates via email on a monthly basis compared to 11% offline monthly communication. Whilst quarterly or less was the most prominent offline communication frequency with 43% of respondents, compared to 17% for email and 0% for social media. 

Meanwhile, the biggest barrier for charities to successfully fundraise online is internal resources (37%), followed by donor resistance (23%).

The full Give as you Live 2012 Digital Giving Review can be found Charities will be able to access additional statistics including research finding broken down by size of charity.

These results represent part one of the Digital Giving Review 2012. Give as you Live and the IoF are planning on a second survey, which will look to uncover the digital fundraising trends from the donors’ perspective. Give as you Live is inviting charities to help craft the questions for the donor survey. Charities are able to submit thoughts and ideas once they have collected the Survey,

Polly Gowers OBE, founder and CEO of Give as you Live, said that “With online and offline audience the same size, charities need to work on converting online supporter engagement into financial support. There are many ways to do this, including using technology like Give as you Live, which offer charities an easy way to encourage online giving without being a burden on charities’ resources.”

Give as you Live works with thousands of retailers, to enable supporters to raise money every time they shop online – at no additional cost to them. Give as you Live’s ambition is to create a new and lucrative revenue steam for UK charities, by sharing these “hidden millions” and raising over £1 billion for deserving causes.

Polly added, “This survey has given us great insight from the charities’ perspective and we are keen to understand the other side of digital fundraising, which is why we have planned to survey donors in part two of this review.”

Simon Morrison, IoF Director of Policy & Communications added: “With so many ways to raise money through digital technology it is surprising to see that these online channels don’t represent  a larger proportion of a charity’s donation income. This survey with Give as you Live has given us crucial insight to better support the not-for-profit sector when it comes to digital fundraising. We hope charities participate in the second part of this review to help shed light on the donors’ perspective of digital giving.”