Our consultation with members

What are the next steps in applying to be granted chartered status?

The IoF has already met the general pre-conditions to become a chartered body which include being a body that delivers public benefit, being of a sufficient size and financial sustainability and covering a unique area of activity (fundraising) not covered by another professional body.

We have now secured the support of the Privy Council through our Informal Memorandum and subsequent correspondence, to make a formal petition to become the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

Following our consultation with members on our formal petition to become a chartered body, and on the draft Charter, Bye-Laws and regulations which will become our new governance documents, replacing our existing Articles of Association, voting on the proposed Resolution is now live and members will have received voting instructions from Electoral Reform Services (ERS) either via email or post.

In developing the draft Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulations we have aimed to achieve three key things:

  • Retaining the same democratic accountability to our members, with identical provisions in relation to the election of the Board of Trustees, and substantive processes and procedures for meetings such as our AGM
  • Simplifying and modernising the way we work where this is possible. For example, simplifying the processes in relation to allowing notices of meetings and voting electronically
  • Reflecting the best practice we have seen in the Charters, Bye-Laws and Regulations of other similar, modern professional bodies.

You can read more about how our lawyers, BWB, prepared these draft governing documents.

How will the Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulations be different from our current Articles of Association?

A draft of each of these documents is found here, alongside a document (called a destination table) which shows how we have moved or amended existing provisions in our Articles of Association into the draft Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulations. In drafting these documents our solicitors, Bates Wells Braithwaite, have transferred across all the substantive provisions from our Articles.

Where we are now, and next steps

Our Board of Trustees agreed the draft of our Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulations at their meeting on 29 March 2019.

We consulted with members, the Privy Council, OSCR and the Charity Commission.

Voting on the Resolution is now live until midday on 27 June; there will also be an opportunity to vote in person at the AGM.

chartered status timeline

On the presumption that the new Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulations are agreed by our members we will then submit them formally to the Privy Council alongside our formal petition.

The Privy Council then formally considers our petition. As part of that process our application is open for consultation with the general public through The Gazette for an 8 week period.

After that period the Privy Council considers and comments or objections and we would hope will make a decision at its meeting either in October or November 2019.

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