Institute of Fundraising statement on Fundraising Regulator's anniversary

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6 July 2017

Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising, said:

"Over the last year the Fundraising Regulator has made a positive start and established its role clearly in the minds of the fundraising community and with many members of the public. We welcome the overall approach the regulator has taken in their first year engaging with charity fundraisers to ensure we have an effective regulatory system. I am confident that they will build on this successful first year and continue to strengthen public confidence in fundraising for the future.

"While we must acknowledge that the large majority of charities are playing their part and have paid their levy and registered with the Fundraising Regulator, I cannot be clearer that those who still have not should do so as soon as possible."

He added:

"Ultimately, we know that the most important factor in the public's experience of fundraising is the actions of fundraisers themselves. I am incredibly proud of how over recent years fundraisers have acted on public concerns, showing leadership in the way they have innovated and improved the way they connect people with the causes they care about.

"The Fundraising Regulator has an essential role reassuring the public and taking action when things go wrong. Charity fundraisers themselves need to be, and are, the organisations innovating and driving changes in the fundraising community, making a positive difference for the causes they work on. The Institute will continue to support them in doing this."