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In July 2017 the Commission on the Donor Experience published its final reports. After many months of information gathering, meetings, discussions and analysis we were pleased to provide a multitude of inspirational ideas to improve the donor experience. The reaction from the sector and beyond was overwhelmingly positive.

Since then we at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising have been taking forward the work of the Commission, hosting the Supporter Experience Project – the next evolution of the Commission’s work.

Our goal is to help fundraisers deliver a great experience so everyone feels good about giving. Our mission is to cultivate a culture in which charities consistently deliver exemplary experiences for their donors and other supporters.

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Our beliefs and principles:
  • We believe that donors support charities in order to achieve their personal missions.
  • We believe that anyone who gets a great experience when supporting charity will, over their lifetime, engage significantly more than someone who doesn’t.
  • We believe they will also have greater propensity to recommend the charity to family and friends, thereby creating stronger, more engaged networks of individuals and organisations.
  • We believe charities, and the relationships they have with their donors, will be stronger if a donor-based approach becomes their norm because their funding base will be more secure.
  • We believe integrity and empathy are as important for fundraisers as financial targets.
  • We believe charities should recognise and treat donors as their cause’s friends, not merely a route to more resources.
  • We believe donors generally recognise, value and respond when fundraisers demonstrate passionate belief in their cause.
  • We believe that key influencers on great donor experiences should not just be restricted to donating and that activities such as campaigning, volunteering and advocating all play an important role.
  • We believe that measurement of donor experiences should focus on a range of factors, including financial return, over the long term.

We need you!

Implementing a culture change across an entire sector will take years – but the willingness and energy to make the change happen is already here. And you are an essential part of the change. We need people committed to helping change the culture of fundraising, inspiring and stimulating new ways of thinking and behaving.

In short, we need you.

You may have some great ideas or experiences you want to share. You may want to write a blog or opinion piece. You may simply want to share content produced by the Supporter Experience Project with your colleagues and networks.

The Commission, with your help, has taken the first step in changing the culture of fundraising.

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