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This blog is a space for influential voices from the charity sector to comment on topical fundraising issues, explore new ideas, highlight success stories, share insight, fundraising how to tips and more.

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Shake it up for the festive period

Guest Bloggers | 4 December 2017

Stumped for new fundraising ideas this festive season? Need to start thinking of campaigns for the New Year? CharityJob have some ideas...

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Houses of Commons

Cheers to a year of excellent fundraising!

Kylie Kitchen | 1 December 2017

Attendees at the IoF Parliamentary Reception this week were heartened by Lyndall Stein’s true story about the donation she never forgot.

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The Science of Engagement

The Science of Engagement

Kylie Kitchen | 29 November 2017

If you think about fundraising and engagement, donors – existing or potential, are the first people you might think of. But could we have greater success if we first improved ...

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The Fundraising Regulator's Code consultation on data protection: our final response

The Fundraising Regulator's Code consultation on data protection: our final response

Stephanie Siddall | 8 December 2017

The Institute of Fundraising welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the Fundraising Regulator’s consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice (the Code) reviewing data protection. With GDPR coming it is of course a hugely important area, and one where there has been a lot of debate and discussion.

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Female race runner

Virtual Events – combining fitness, fundraising and technology

Guest Bloggers | 28 November 2017

Blockbuster, speed dating and the Nokia 8210 were all things we loved. In 2004. The world has changed and digital is the future, our lives are run through smart phones and apps, and the event fundraising landscape is starting to look like that too.

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Lightbulb moment

Leading the way on individual fundraising

Kylie Kitchen | 22 November 2017

Experts at the IoF Individual Giving Conference have shared their formulas for campaigns that have dramatically increased donations.

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Wealth screening for good

A better understanding of supporters is something to be proud of

Daniel Fluskey | 20 November 2017

Following from the ICO fines earlier this year, fundraising practices relating to research, wealth screening and profiling are back in the spotlight – this time courtesy of the Daily Mail*. Their story today states that 24 universities (the Russell Group) had ‘spied on’ millions of past students to look at their incomes as part of their fundraising.

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Engaging trustees with fundraising

Dominic Will | 17 November 2017

This #TrusteesWeek, HOME Fundraising’s Joint Managing Director and Institute of Fundraising Trustee, Dominic Will, highlights the importance of engaging trustees more closely with fundraising.

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Why fundraisers are key to successful charity boards

Why fundraisers are key to successful charity boards

Guest Bloggers | 17 November 2017

About six months ago, I was in a meeting, convened by the Institute, with other senior fundraisers discussing the most significant challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

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