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Bright Ideas

Daniel Fluskey | 19 March 2018

It’s said that everyone has one book in them.

Well, we’re not asking everyone to write a novel, but we’re sure that every single one of our members has a bright idea that can help charities raise more money and create a better world. And we want to hear them!

It could be anything – from big changes to the tax system and wider public policy, through to suggestions about improving diversity on charity boards, the use and potential of technology, or professional development of fundraisers. An improvement, a change, an idea, a suggestion that will help us raise more money and get more people giving, and people giving more.

Why do we want to hear them? The last few years have seen huge changes in fundraising – a new regulatory system, the introduction of the FPS, reviews of relationships with agencies, and over the last year or so lots of preparation to get ready for GDPR. The beginning of 2018 - with the Presidents Club, and a huge focus on safeguarding issues – shows us that the interest in the charity sector is here to stay. But while regulation has been at the forefront of our minds, we also need to take some time to refocus, re-energise, and reframe the debate in fundraising. It’s time to ask ourselves: what’s next?

We don’t have the answers. But we do know that among our 6,000+ members, and with our charity members and other partners, some of the answers are already out there. We want to hear what your bright idea is. It can be anything at all on how we can grow giving, or improve excellent fundraising – big picture and aspirational, or detailed and specific. 

Some of the early ideas we’ve heard so far are:

I’d like to see non-financial KPIs, for example supporter satisfaction, taken as seriously as financial KPIs”

I’d like to see all government departments embed a ‘nudge’ approach in their communications and work to encourage people to give to charity”

I think there should be a campaign and kite mark awarded for all companies who give 2% of their profits to charity”

Over the next few weeks you’ll see some ideas from different parts of our membership to help stimulate the discussions and thoughts, and we can’t wait to hear yours – whether you’ve been involved in fundraising for years, or are new to the community, it doesn’t matter – all ideas are valid and welcome and the more the better! We’ll be bringing them together and be working on them to come with something (title and project to be confirmed!) at Fundraising Convention, so watch this space.

Thanks for taking part, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!




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