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Leading the way

Leading the way

Guest Bloggers | 23 February 2018

Rebecca Elliott of Amnesty International UK shares how the Future Leaders Programme has given her the skills and techniques to take the next step in her career. Read how the programme has strengthened her work and helped her take on new projects with great pride.

Dominic Will

The brave new world of face-to-face

Dominic Will | 23 February 2018

It’s time to step back and look at face-to-face afresh, to widen the lens and review each channel within a broader fundraising context.

Setting the pace – small charity delivers big event

Setting the pace – small charity delivers big event

Guest Bloggers | 22 February 2018

A small team at Kidney Wales is behind one of the top 10K running events in the country. Director Nic Clarke takes us through the hard work and history that turned this 250-participant event into an 8000-participant event.

The new voice we should adopt

The new voice we should adopt

Kylie Kitchen | 21 February 2018

Artificial intelligence is not just the future of fundraising, it’s happening right now – just ask Alexa.

The boat that rocked for charity

The boat that rocked for charity

Guest Bloggers | 20 February 2018

Once word got out about our legacy campaign, the list of 60s icons getting on board, including the likes of Twiggy and Ringo Starr, grew. So too did the number of people leaving gifts in wills and enquiries about legacy giving – it was our most successful awareness week ever.

Learn to unlearn – debate and challenge is the best thing about Convention

Learn to unlearn – debate and challenge is the best thing about Convention

Guest Bloggers | 15 February 2018

The fundraising sector is uniquely supportive. No other industry shares its ideas, results, and even tales of ‘that didn’t go so well’, so openly to help us all learn, grow and avoid future blunders. The IoF Fundraising Convention is THE place where this happens and that is why you should attend.

Daniel Fluskey on BBC News

What does the Oxfam story mean for fundraising?

Daniel Fluskey | 15 February 2018

For more than a week, Oxfam has been front page news. I don’t think there’s a national newspaper that hasn’t had the story covered extensively.

Love thy team

Love thy team

Guest Bloggers | 14 February 2018

If there was an industry award for resilience, then fundraisers would be at the top of that shortlist. Whether we stand in the rain with a bucket, pitch to an audience of FTSE100 employees, write appeals or cheer on marathon runners – each year can feel tougher than the last. Yet, this doesn’t stop us leaping out of bed, taking a sip of optimism and committing to being the best fundraisers we can be.

Keep Wales Tidy fundraising strategy front cover

First Fundraising Health Check Completed by Keep Wales Tidy

Alison Pritchard | 13 February 2018

Keep Wales Tidy have become the first charity to develop a new fundraising strategy as part of IoF Cymru's Fundraising Health Check and Executive Coaching project.

Three myths about fundraising that need exploding

Three myths about fundraising that need exploding

Guest Bloggers | 8 February 2018

It’s fair to say that fundraisers have had a bad rap in the past few years, with a succession of negative media headlines, political criticism and fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office. It's no wonder that some people who ask for money for good causes for a living tell me they now dodge the ‘what’s your job?’ question at parties.

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