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What the judges are looking for

What the judges are looking for

Guest Bloggers | 9 March 2018

If you’re thinking about nominating in the National Fundraising Awards, it will help to know what will appeal to our judges. Here, Haseeb Shabbir of our judging panel offers some insight, revealing what he’ll be looking for when he scrutinises the Awards nominations in the coming months.

Seven steps to qualification success

Seven steps to qualification success

Claire Routley | 8 March 2018

Experienced IoF tutor Dr Claire Routley shares her advice for completing an IoF qualification. Read on for the advice that will not only prepare you, but help you decide if it's your time to study.

Talk your boss into budget sign off

Talk your boss into budget sign off

Guest Bloggers | 7 March 2018

So you’ve seen the programme for this year’s Fundraising Convention and you really want to attend. But there’s the pesky matter of how you’ll persuade your boss to sign off the budget. Pro tip: focus on how it will help you meet your objectives – I’ll even do the hard work for you!

What women (in fundraising) want

What women (in fundraising) want

Stephanie Siddall | 7 March 2018

For the last few months, in my spare time outside of my role at the Institute, I’ve been involved in coordinating a project – What Women Want 2.0 (WWW 2.0) – which asked women across the UK a simple question, ‘what do you want?’. More than 8000 women responded, with an end to violence and harassment, social justice and freedom from expectations as just a few of their priorities.

Let's build a fairer society

Let's build a fairer society

Stephanie Siddall | 6 March 2018

What should government be doing to strengthen civil society? How can they support and unlock the full potential of people, partnerships and places to build a stronger society? These are the questions that the Office for Civil Society is seeking to answer in its ‘open conversation’ launched last week.

Make the most of your face-to-face team

Make the most of your face-to-face team

Alex Xavier | 6 March 2018

If there’s one thing that came across when listening to the Meet the Fundraiser panel session at this year’s IoF Face-to-Face Conference, it’s that face-to-face fundraisers love a good conversation.

Why we should celebrate

Why we should celebrate

Adam Bryan | 5 March 2018

You may sometimes wonder what the point of awards shows are. This month we witnessed the 90th Oscar ceremony where the remarkable Shape of Water won the top honour for Best Picture. The headlines were also about inclusion, diversity and female empowerment.


Face-to-Face: 7 Essential Tips to Improve Consent

Guest Bloggers | 2 March 2018

GDPR will make gaining and maintaining the right to contact supporters more challenging than ever. This means that face-to-face fundraising should not only be used to drive donations, but also as a valuable method of getting consent from new supporters.

Lyndall Stein

A humbling generosity which drives us all

Guest Bloggers | 27 February 2018

Lyndall Stein’s fundraising career impressed the judges and audience alike at the 2017 National Fundraising Awards. Her Lifetime Contribution Award win gave the humble and generous Stein a platform to thank her peers and kind strangers:

Sarah Eite

What’s in it for freelancers and consultants? – Fundraising Convention 2018

Guest Bloggers | 26 February 2018

When I decided to enter the brave new world of freelance fundraising consultancy, I made a commitment to myself to continue to invest in my own professional and personal development. The reality of juggling numerous clients, projects and deadlines sometimes means that this is easier said than done. But for me, it’s critical to stay connected with the latest developments in our sector.

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