Adam Bryan

Adam is Director of Partnerships at the Institute of Fundraising. Adam is responsible for developing support for the Institute and its strategic aims and goals through Organisational membership and corporate sponsorship packages.

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These heroes are paving the way for innovation in the sector

Adam Bryan | 25 July 2017

I must say how impressed I am by the radical transformation the RNLI are going through. Far more than a move to opt-in, they are dramatically changing the way they operate as a charity, as well as how they raise income.

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What's next for 2017: fundraising innovation and the next big thing

Adam Bryan | 21 December 2016

Adam Bryan, IoF Director of Partnerships, concludes his two part article on fundraising innovation and what could be the next big trend of 2017...

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The ghosts of fundraising innovation past

Adam Bryan | 20 December 2016

Adam Bryan, Director of Partnerships at the IoF, takes a look at some of the most innovative fundraising ideas from years gone by and asks... what's the next big thing?

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Think Small to Aim High

Adam Bryan | 6 October 2016

Recently you may have seen a New Philanthropy Capital report which said people in the UK with wealth over £1m gave a total of approximately £1.3bn a year to charity.