Charlotte Bray

Charlotte Bray is currently Fundraising Manager at the Scottish Seabird Centre. Her work experience in the charity sector started with Trust fundraising, later broadening to cover the diverse skills needed to run various capital appeals. To date she has worked up a turret in Edinburgh Zoo, in a mansion house next to a safari park and in a crypt under a church. At the moment her office has a sea view, which she feels she has earned after the crypt. Over the last decade Charlotte has served on various IoF committees including the Trust SiG, Scottish Exec and Policy Advisory Board, as well as writing an occasional blog for TFN. Charlotte firmly believes the TARDIS will arrive in her office one day, so she can pursue her real mission of saving the planet.

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The appeal of capital appeals

Charlotte Bray | 12 May 2016

I have a love/hate relationship with change. In my non-work life I am very much a creature of habit. There are certain things I love doing, watching or reading. Given the choice I could potentially live on the same 5 ingredients (mainly cheese related) each week. How funny, then, that I should end up as a capital appeal specialist.

Why I'm Addicted to Volunteering

Why I'm Addicted to Volunteering

Charlotte Bray | 12 November 2015

I wonder sometimes whether volunteering is an addiction. Recently, I tried to free up some spare time by stepping down from two committees. I promptly took up a further three committees. Well, who needs time to eat and sleep anyway?

From a Position of Trust

From a Position of Trust

Charlotte Bray | 14 August 2015

I love hearing the many different routes people have taken to arrive in the charity sector. It’s like a big maze where we’ve all started from in off corners and ended up in the same place, with several twists and turns along the way.