Daniel Fluskey

Head of Policy and External Affairs Daniel leads the Institute's policy development and research work, keeping up to date with member priorities, promoting innovation on fundraising and working with key stakeholders, including civil servants and politicians, to make sure fundraising and giving are key priorities for the current and future governments. Email:

Daniel Fluskey

Five reasons why I think there is a bright future for fundraising

Daniel Fluskey | 27 November 2018

There may be challenges and pressures facing the sector, but there is still a bright future for fundraising, says Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs at the Institute of Fundraising.

(Legitimately) interesting times

(Legitimately) interesting times

Daniel Fluskey | 23 March 2018

Fundraiser 1: “There’s light at the end of the tunnel, the guidance is almost here.”
Fundraiser 2: “Don’t get excited. I’ve been here before, you’ll wish you were back in the tunnel.”
Well, we are out of the tunnel and the Legitimate Interests guidance from the ICO has now arrived.

Bright Ideas

6,000 heads are better than one

Daniel Fluskey | 19 March 2018

It’s said that everyone has one book in them.

Daniel Fluskey on BBC News

What does the Oxfam story mean for fundraising?

Daniel Fluskey | 15 February 2018

For more than a week, Oxfam has been front page news. I don’t think there’s a national newspaper that hasn’t had the story covered extensively.

Wealth screening for good

A better understanding of supporters is something to be proud of

Daniel Fluskey | 20 November 2017

Following from the ICO fines earlier this year, fundraising practices relating to research, wealth screening and profiling are back in the spotlight – this time courtesy of the Daily Mail*. Their story today states that 24 universities (the Russell Group) had ‘spied on’ millions of past students to look at their incomes as part of their fundraising.


The Regulator’s New Code Consultation: A First Take

Daniel Fluskey | 10 October 2017

Last week the Fundraising Regulator published a consultation on proposed changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice around data protection. With GDPR coming it is of course a hugely important area, and one where there has been a lot of debate and discussion.

Person writing in notepad

10 things we learned from the joint regulatory event

Daniel Fluskey | 22 February 2017

Following the joint regulatory event in Manchester yesterday, IoF Head of Policy and Research Daniel Fluskey gives us his take on the 10 key areas.

All aboard the regulatory train to Manchester

All aboard the regulatory train to Manchester

Daniel Fluskey | 17 February 2017

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 21st February in Manchester, a joint regulatory event will be held by the Information Commissioner’s Office, Fundraising Regulator, and Charity Commission.

Institute of Fundraising logo

Time for the ‘self’ to make itself heard in regulation

Daniel Fluskey | 3 February 2017

Today the Fundraising Regulator has published its first consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice. Covering issues around trustee duties, monitoring of third parties, vulnerable people, and others this is the first time that charities, fundraising organisations, and the public will have their chance to inform the Regulator of their views and ideas on the rules that fundraisers are held accountable to.

Green button on keyboard

Reviewing the FPS: from a big red button towards a ‘win win’?

Daniel Fluskey | 19 December 2016

Earlier this month the Fundraising Regulator announced its decision on a way forward for the Fundraising Preference Service. IoF Head of Policy and Research, Daniel Fluskey, takes a further look.

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