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Head of Policy and External Affairs Daniel leads the Institute's policy development and research work, keeping up to date with member priorities, promoting innovation on fundraising and working with key stakeholders, including civil servants and politicians, to make sure fundraising and giving are key priorities for the current and future governments. Email:

Fundraising community

What’s next for 2017: prediction for the fundraising sector

Daniel Fluskey | 14 December 2016

Daniel Fluskey, IoF Head of Policy and Research, looks ahead at next year, and the changes that fundraisers and charities can expect.

Brighton Heroes Run - Viking

When it comes to events fundraising, are you ahead of the crowd?

Daniel Fluskey | 15 August 2016

Whether it’s baking a cake, running a marathon, climbing a mountain, dressing up in a particular style or doing something completely off-the-wall, participating in an event to raise money for charity provides a unique opportunity for everyone to be a fundraiser.

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The best partnerships are built on strong foundations

Daniel Fluskey | 4 August 2016

In the charity sector ‘relationships’ are everywhere. Relationships between trustee boards and fundraising teams, between charities and donors, and between charities and agencies or third parties they work with. Getting these relationships working well and positively is absolutely key to delivering the excellent fundraising that we want to see.

FPS Discussion paper

Fundraising Preference Service discussion paper - what do we think?

Daniel Fluskey | 4 April 2016

We should recognise that the Working Group have set this out as ‘top-line thinking’ with thoughts, ideas, propositions on the scope of an FPS. This is not a consultation on a detailed and complete model.

Fundraising in a residential street

A fundraising preference service, not a charity preference service?

Daniel Fluskey | 30 March 2016

Over the months since the idea of a Fundraising Preference Service was first set out in the Etherington review of fundraising self-regulation*, a great deal of supposition and estimation has gone in to thinking about what it might do and how it could actually work.

FPS tick box

A first look at the Fundraising Preference Service

Daniel Fluskey | 7 March 2016

In this first article, we review the scope of the ‘fundraising preference’ service as set out in the ‘conversation with stakeholders’

Some key questions for 2016…

Some key questions for 2016…

Daniel Fluskey | 18 December 2015

If we looked back on the blogs and articles from last December and January with their predictions for the year to come, I wonder how many foresaw the events of 2015 and how the fallout and follow up would now be shaping our thoughts, work, and future plans.

Treating Donors Fairly

How to fundraise with people in vulnerable circumstances

Daniel Fluskey | 17 November 2015

As charities go about their fundraising, it’s inevitable that they’ll come into contact with people who will need additional support to help them make an informed decision about donating.

A fundraising preference service that works for fundraising?

A fundraising preference service that works for fundraising?

Daniel Fluskey | 10 November 2015

Since the publication of the review of fundraising regulation, an area which has sparked particular attention, interest, and discussion is the recommendation for the new fundraising regulator to establish a ‘fundraising preference service’. The Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson has championed the idea and a working group will be set up to review and consider what the new regulator should implement.

New Model Gift Aid Declaration: What’s changed?

New Model Gift Aid Declaration: What’s changed?

Daniel Fluskey | 23 October 2015

This week HMRC published a new, shorter model Gift Aid Declaration. The new declaration will apply to all donations so it’s really important to make sure that if you want to claim Gift Aid on donations in the future that the declarations you use are up to date.

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