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Maximising value: The business case for investing in VR

Guest Bloggers | 18 October 2017

VR, well used is a powerful tool for fundraisers and many charities have reaped the rewards, some of them unexpected. But producing VR content, either 360 degree video or interactive CGI, requires significant investment, so how can one be sure there will be a return on the initial outlay?

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What does it really mean to be a fundraiser?

Guest Bloggers | 10 October 2017

We all know that fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes. What it really means to be one is quite variable really, depending on where and on what a fundraiser is working.

Scottish Fundraising Awards Winners announced

Scottish Fundraising Awards Winners announced

Guest Bloggers | 4 October 2017

Erskine, The Glasgow School of Art, and Pitlochry Station Bookshop are among the winners of the 2017 Scottish Fundraising Awards!

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What Convention means to me

Guest Bloggers | 4 October 2017

The IoF Fundraising Convention is a crucial time in the year for Tom Dixon, who is Head of Philanthropy at Scope. Here, he explains why he finds it is a time for motivation, re-calibration and being inspired by others.

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Exporting ideas and bringing back inspiration from afar... The globalisation of fundraising ideas and opinions.

Guest Bloggers | 2 October 2017

Paul de Gregorio is the Director of Digital Engagement at Open.

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Legacy fundraising - taking pride of place in charities

Guest Bloggers | 27 September 2017

Ashley Rowthorn, Director at Legacy Link and Legacy Voice looks ahead at speaking at this year's IoF Legacy conference and discusses why talking about legacies is becoming cool...


How mentoring can help us truly succeed in fundraising

Guest Bloggers | 25 September 2017

The most honest feedback I receive in life is after the final whistle is blown and I’m sitting in the pub with my mates.


Crossing the donor consent chasm

Guest Bloggers | 12 September 2017

J Cromack is the CEO for Wood for Trees and one of our speakers at IoF's Transforming your Supporter Journey Conference.

GDPR – Evolution or Revolution?

GDPR – Evolution or Revolution?

Guest Bloggers | 8 September 2017

Leesa Harwood is Director of Community Lifesaving and Fundraising and will be chairing IoF’s Transforming you Supporter Journey Conference on Monday 11 September.


Will you tick all my boxes?

Guest Bloggers | 8 September 2017

Mark Foster is the Head of Planning at Open and will be speaking at IoF’s Transporting Your Supporter Journey Conference on Monday 11 September. Here, he tells us why consent is a brilliant thing.

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