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Last Will and testament, with pen

The acceptance of death – and the importance of legacies

Guest Bloggers | 9 March 2016

Life is full of inevitable occurrences and more often than not theses occurrences have a positive and a negative. Success – failure, love – heartbreak, joy – sorrow, life – death. For the most we accept these opposites, embrace them or brace ourselves for them and appreciate that in our lifetimes we will experience them.

Chart showing increase

Why do donors give and why do they stop?

Guest Bloggers | 8 March 2016

Two simple questions whose answers should form the basis of every fundraising decision – big or small – you make.

Connection of people

The Importance of Influence for charity fundraisers

Guest Bloggers | 29 February 2016

My first job in the charity sector was for a small charity that supported isolated older people on low incomes. The cause wasn’t sexy, the charity was barely known by the public. Even the name confused people about what we did. We had no donor list and very little profile, even in our own part of the sector. One of my main roles (among several) was to be the fundraiser.

fundraising merchandise

How to use merchandise to raise funds, increase reach and introduce more people into the donation cycle

Guest Bloggers | 25 February 2016

This decade is the age of the internet, selfies and the hashtag. It's never been easier to have an issue pick up massive support organically - forget expensive advertising campaigns...what an excellent set of ingredients for a charity fundraiser! Yet judging by the results (Too often we're reading about Bieber, not making the world better) fundraisers haven't yet found the right mixture to get explosive results for their charity.

Professionally, effectively, ethically: accreditation for fundraising in schools

Professionally, effectively, ethically: accreditation for fundraising in schools

Guest Bloggers | 23 February 2016

When talking about school fundraising it is all too easy to think of bake sales and badly drawn children on tea towels. These of course have their place but in the past 20 years, there has been a new industry emerging from behind our school gates: the schools’ development sector.

The National Trust: a Happy workplace

The National Trust: a Happy workplace

Guest Bloggers | 22 February 2016

Claire Lickman, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator at Happy, looks back at how past experience of working at the National Trust, through being empowered as a staff member and having space and freedom to do her job, set the bar for success in the workplace.

ladder into the clouds

Steps to increasing Trust Income

Guest Bloggers | 19 February 2016

Trust fundraising is often referred to as the backbone of fundraising. When aspects of the fundraising climate becomes challenging, as many charities have experienced recently with cuts to statutory funding, many charities have looked to trust fundraising to fill the gap.

Man thinking

Ignite fundraisers imagination and they will love you for it

Guest Bloggers | 28 January 2016

Encouraging the public to raise money for your cause isn’t complicated, but it is hard. People can forget how good it feels to give (time and money) and this leads to indifference.

The future of hospice fundraising calls for collaborative leaders

The future of hospice fundraising calls for collaborative leaders

Guest Bloggers | 20 January 2016

I am still amazed at how many fundraisers visibly recoil at the word collaboration; I have witnessed it many times. There is no doubt that many are hanging onto “what’s mine is mine” attitudes and approaches to income generation, blinkered to the opportunities that working collaboratively could bring.

Fundraising Strategy: What You Should Think About

Fundraising Strategy: What You Should Think About

Guest Bloggers | 19 January 2016

This is not a ‘how to’ guide; this is my experience of inheriting the good, the bad and the downright ugly of fundraising strategies, before going on to write several of my own. When tasked with writing a fundraising strategy, you should ask yourself the following questions:

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