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Mike Bartlett

Stewardship: Three key things major donors are looking for

Guest Bloggers | 14 January 2019

Ahead of next week’s Major Donor Fundraising Conference and the session he is chairing on donor cultivation and stewardship, Mike Bartlett from Money Tree Fundraising highlights the three key themes that major donors are looking for before donating.

A notepad and pen

What I learned at the Individual Giving Conference

Guest Bloggers | 9 January 2019

Nicola Sinclair attended the Individual Giving Conference and reported back on the messages and advice that she picked up.

Photo of Hayley Kenward

'The Certificate in Fundraising helped me get my dream job'

Guest Bloggers | 12 December 2018

Hayley Kenward MInstF(Cert), who graduated from the Certificate in Fundraising last month, answers questions on why she decided to undertake the qualification, the skills and knowledge that she learned from it, and explains how it helped her find her dream job.

I’m proud to be a fundraiser … and a volunteer

I’m proud to be a fundraiser … and a volunteer

Guest Bloggers | 5 December 2018

To mark International Volunteer Day, Jamie McIntosh reflects on how he's benefited from volunteering at the IoF - and more widely.

Legacies: Do you know your enemies?

Legacies: Do you know your enemies?

Guest Bloggers | 29 November 2018

Richard Radcliffe looks at the possible “enemies” of a legacy fundraising campaign, and how fundraisers can overcome these barriers – as well as revealing the results of a poll he conducted at the IoF Legacy Conference 2018 on threats to legacies.

A street view

The power of online: Embracing digital content

Guest Bloggers | 21 November 2018

Charities need to embrace online in producing content that audiences will engage with. Kingston Smith’s Creative Vision Award, now in its fourth year, provides the opportunity for them to do just that, says Edwina Kesner.

Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Shelter

If you work for a charity you are a fundraiser – and that includes the CEO

Guest Bloggers | 12 November 2018

Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Shelter, explains why Shelter’s Executive Leadership Team and Trustees have been out fundraising, and why that doesn’t just mean meeting major donors and senior corporate partners.

“Be prepared. I did the IoF Certificate in Fundraising….A year later I became the CEO!”

“Be prepared. I did the IoF Certificate in Fundraising….A year later I became the CEO!”

Guest Bloggers | 7 November 2018

Debbie Geraghty, Executive Director of Plymouth Music Zone, explains how doing a fundraising course led her down some unexpected paths...

Emma-Louise Singh

'It has helped me secure both short-term wins and long–term sustainable strategy'

Guest Bloggers | 31 October 2018

IoF Trustee and soon-to-be International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising graduate Emma-Louise Singh MInstF(AdvDip) explains how, as well as the qualification taking her own fundraising to a whole new level, it has also helped in building the long-term strategy of organisations she works with.

Long-term commitment is good for us all

Long-term commitment is good for us all

Guest Bloggers | 10 October 2018

What 20 years of fundraising experience has taught us at Rapidata is that actually, while how you look after your clients has to be top priority, a wider commitment to the whole sector is vital if you are to excel on a long-term basis. And surely – as a supplier to and for the sector – it is not only the right thing to do, but it makes good business sense to do all we can to strengthen the fundraising environment and to encourage innovation.

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