Kylie joined the IoF in November 2017 as content manager

Plenaries inspire us to do better

Plenaries inspire us to do better

Kylie Kitchen | 12 July 2018

Three people made more than 3,000 of us stop to look at ourselves very differently last week. Between them, the plenary speakers at Fundraising Convention compelled us to consider our creativity, our cultural understanding and our mission for diversity. It’s what brought us to the Barbican Hall each day; that opportunity to truly reflect and be moved to create change.

The new voice we should adopt

The new voice we should adopt

Kylie Kitchen | 21 February 2018

Artificial intelligence is not just the future of fundraising, it’s happening right now – just ask Alexa.

Houses of Commons

Cheers to a year of excellent fundraising!

Kylie Kitchen | 1 December 2017

Attendees at the IoF Parliamentary Reception this week were heartened by Lyndall Stein’s true story about the donation she never forgot.

The Science of Engagement

The Science of Engagement

Kylie Kitchen | 29 November 2017

If you think about fundraising and engagement, donors – existing or potential, are the first people you might think of. But could we have greater success if we first improved how we engaged our staff?

Lightbulb moment

Leading the way on individual fundraising

Kylie Kitchen | 22 November 2017

Experts at the IoF Individual Giving Conference have shared their formulas for campaigns that have dramatically increased donations.