Mark Mina

Mark Mina is Account Director at fast.MAP, an online market research agency. He used to work at Barnardo’s for over 5 years, where he worked across a range of fundraising and marketing campaigns. While working there, Mark became an advocate of research to gain consumer insight, helping make key decisions to increase income. fast.MAP work with the Institute of Fundraising on the annual Fundraising Media DNA tracker, looking at the merits of each channel.

DRTV television

True or False: Debunking DRTV Myths

Mark Mina | 6 June 2016

With TV being a popular medium for marketing, it’s important that marketers understand it and are not misguided by misconceptions in their TV campaigns.

Myths about email

True or false: Debunking Email Marketing Myths

Mark Mina | 9 May 2016

Having debunked direct mail myths, fast.MAP research shows many marketers make the same mistakes when it comes to email. Have you fallen into any of these traps in your email campaigns?

Direct Mail

True or False: Debunking Direct Mail Myths

Mark Mina | 11 April 2016

We all have preconceptions and beliefs which shape our daily decisions and actions. When it comes to marketing decisions, it is especially important to identify the origin of our information.

DRTV red television

Tune into DRTV. How well do you know your channel?

Mark Mina | 2 March 2016

What do you think of DRTV as a fundraising medium? Maybe you would describe it as interesting, attention-grabbing, memorable?