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Kylie Kitchen | 1 December 2017

Attendees at the IoF Parliamentary Reception this week were heartened by Lyndall Stein’s true story about the donation she never forgot.

When Stein, the IoF’s 2017 Lifetime Contribution Award winner, began working in fundraising, a nun sent a pound coin taped to a postcard that read: “I have no money at all of my own, and a friend gave me this pound and I want you to have it”. Stein was fundraising to support Nelson Mandela and his freedom fighters in the early days of her fundraising career. 

Her warm tales from an illustrious fundraising career, alongside praise and promise from MPs, were a fitting celebration of the excellence the IoF has both championed and witnessed in charity fundraising throughout the year.

MPs, award-winners, IoF representatives and the wider fundraising community gathered at Parliament for the event this week.

Award winners with MPs at IoF Parliamentary reception


Tracey Crouch MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport and Civil Society, paid tribute to the best examples in UK fundraising for 2017.

Crouch said the hard work and dedication shown by the IoF National Fundraising Award winners and nominees demonstrated a real ability to reach out responsibly to the public in new and innovative ways.

She joked at the madness of winner Ben Smith’s efforts, running a marathon for 401 consecutive days and raising an impressive £300,000 for Kidscape and Stonewall.

Crouch spoke about her recent announcement to develop a civil society strategy in order to form new and strong partnerships across the sector, and urged fundraisers to contribute to this.

She highlighted the £100,000 her department provides for the small charities fundraising program and the partnership with the IoF to host the small charities fundraising summit early next year.

“I’m enormously proud to be the minister for what is such a vibrant, exciting, passionate, committed and dedicated civil society,” Crouch said.

Steve Reed MP, Shadow Minister for Civil Society, said it was inspiring to see people using their lives and their jobs to make life better for those most vulnerable. 

He told delegates he would like to see the lobbing act repealed in order to ensure the Government listens to the views of civil society and makes informed decisions that will help the sector continue to make a difference. 

Reflecting on past and present achievements, Susan Elan Jones MP, Co-Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Charities and Volunteering, spoke of her IoF certificate of fundraising management obtained in 1999! 

“I really personally valued the training that I received from the Institute of Fundraising and I know that the institute continues to inspire, continues to educate so many people in the sector, so I take my hat off to the institute. And I think it’s fabulous to have so many people here at this event today,” she said.

Amanda Bringans, IoF Chair and British Heart Foundation Director of Fundraising, proudly spoke on her passion for fundraising and its importance for sustaining charitable work across the country.

The IoF would like to thank the award-winners, MPs, trustees, and fundraising representatives, who joined in making this celebration for excellence in fundraising a truly special one. 


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