How to Book A Meeting with Dr. Who

How to Book A Meeting with Dr. Who

Rory Green | 14 April 2015

The third instalment for the Institute of Fundraising Scotland’s month-long blog series on Major Gifts, by Rory Green, aka Fundraiser Grrl.

So, last time we talked about how you find potential donors – and the importance of making smart decisions about who your prospects should be.

But how on earth do you get these people to meet with you?

Let’s say you are fundraising for an anti-Dalek organisation. You’ve decided that Dr. Who is your best prospect to ask for a meeting – he’s made some small donations in the past, and beloved Scot, Amy Pond, is on your board and has offered to introduce you.

But what can you say to make this very busy Time Lord want to give you an hour of his time?

You’ve done so much work in this area and we have a new project that I am very excited about. Can we meet to talk about it? I would welcome your input and advice.

Ask for Advice. Let’s face it, no one knows more about the Daleks than the Doctor. He has been fighting them for over 400 years – so surely he knows a thing or two. Most people love to give advice, and are more likely to support a project financially if you’re able to incorporate their feedback into the project. I’d try an approach like this:

Do a Pulse Check. Asking for feedback is also a great door opener. A conversation with an existing donor, who you think could give more, will help you see how you are doing as a charity when it comes to thanking donors, and engaging them. This approach might look like this:

You’ve been a donor to our cause for five years now. I would love to get your feedback on how we are doing in connecting with you and letting you know about the difference you are making with your giving.

Offer a Tour. If your organisation is doing some amazing work, offer to show your prospect first hand. If you’ve developed some new anti-Dalek technology, why not try this:

            We’d like to invite you to come see first-hand the work we are doing.

Flattery. Most people love to talk about themselves. I’ve found it works incredibly well to ask your prospect simply if you can learn more about them. Here’s another way to ask for a meeting:

We want to work more closely with leaders in this area, such as yourself. Would we be able to meet so that we can get to know you and your work better?

There are but some of the ways you can go about booking a meeting with a major gift prospect. What has worked for you? Comment below and share your tips and tricks! 



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