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Kath Abrahams | 20 April 2017

Director of Engagement & Fundraising at Diabetes UK, Kath Abrahams, discuss why becoming a trustee of the Institute felt like the right step forward to help fundraisers become the best they can be.

Why did you become a Trustee?

I’ve been proud to call myself a fundraiser for nearly 20 years and the IoF has always been there in the background, part of the fabric of fundraising. I have to confess that for many years, I wasn’t actively involved. I just went to Fundraising Convention and got some good training from time to time. Then about six years ago, I joined the Learning & Development Committee as they were looking for new blood and I’m passionate about developing fundraisers to be the best they can be. Becoming a Trustee to support and guide the development of the IoF felt like a natural next step for me.


How have you been able to apply your skills to your role as a Trustee?

I hope my skills and experience as a practising fundraiser are useful as we make decisions about what our priorities should be – I will always come at this role from the practical perspective of someone actually fundraising on a day to day basis. I also hope some of my softer skills are also helpful round the table – I can empathise with some of the challenges the Executive team faces and I think I’m also good at listening and building on other people’s ideas – which I hope sometimes helps to reach agreement round the table.


What has been the most worthwhile part of being an IoF Trustee?

I absolutely love being involved at the heart of the work of the Institute – helping to make sure we do the very best we can for the fundraising community and supporting the excellent staff team. This has felt particularly important over the past couple of years where the sector has weathered some pretty challenging times. It hasn’t always been straightforward or comfortable, but the work we’ve done together as a Board with the executive team to do our best to respond well in support of the fundraising community has felt genuinely important and worthwhile.


Why would you encourage others to apply to be an IoF Trustee?

Because it’s vital that we continue to have new blood and new ideas round the Trustee table – diverse views and opinions. We need good people, who care passionately about making sure that the IoF does everything it can to support fundraisers to fundraise well. And also because it’s fun. It’s not always easy, and we don’t always agree, but ultimately it feels pretty good to be surrounded by people who care as much as you do, and are prepared to enjoy themselves along the way.


Kath Abrahams newKath Abrahams, Director of Engagement & Fundraising, Diabetes UK and IoF Trustee

A Trustee of the Institute since April 2013, Kath is Director of Engagement & Fundraising at Diabetes UK. She joined Diabetes UK from Kings College London where she was Executive Director of Fundraising & Supporter Development. 

Kath is also Chair of the IoF Learning & Development Committee.


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