Imagine you’re a noodle …

 Imagine you’re a noodle …

Guest Bloggers | 16 January 2018

As we look forward to seeing your entries in the IoF National Fundraising Awards, Open has shared some insight into how its Mindful Monsters campaign became a DMA award-winner.

It began, as these things tend to, with a brief. It was the sort of brief that creatives bicker over – big but clearly defined, lots of room for invention and play, great audience insight … I could go on. It was a peach. A gem.

Scope wanted to grow their supporter base with regular donors, in the face of low brand awareness and a little-understood cause. They had partnered with experts to source and curate mindfulness activities, and they are experts in helping families build emotional resilience, so our focus was on bringing those elements together into an audience-led product that would appeal to parents and grandparents.

Working closely with our friends at Scope, we got increasingly excited as that product came into focus: four characters, each with its own visual identity and tone of voice, representing each of the themes – concentration, positivity, creativity and relaxation – identified in research. Soon they took physical form, and Thinky, Sparky, Giggles and Snug became the Mindful Monsters.

Each month, the characters present a range of family-friendly activities to build resilience and essential life skills. That sounds serious and worthy, which of course it must be, but the activities are so much fun to do that any learning happens subliminally.

We thought long and hard about retention, so Mindful Monsters is packed with surprise and delight each month – from collectable cards and sticker sheets to fresh ideas for parents to help guide conversations, engagement and shared experiences.

So far, so much fun for us! But what would the audience think?

Happily, the results suggest that our love for the Mindful Monsters is shared. We delivered 33 per cent more sign-ups than predicted in the first three months – with 95 per cent of new supporters having no previous connection to Scope. The cost per donor was 75 per cent lower than budget, retention levels are nine times higher and the campaign is set to break even in half the time.

We’re so proud to think that these glorious characters will bring more precious mindful moments to young families, and support Scope’s wonderful work with disabled people and their families across the UK.

And after all that, what began as a beautiful brief came to a chest-swelling, tear-inducing conclusion when the DMAs honoured us – and our brilliant partners Scope, MediaLab and Good Innovation – with one Silver and three Gold awards. Nothing could have made us happier or more proud of the work. I’m only worried that the Mindful Monsters will start to exhibit some seriously diva behaviours …

Georgie Baker, Creative Director, Open


Nominations for the IoF’s National Fundraising Awards open next week. It's time to start thinking about the campaigns and colleagues you’ll nominate!


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