Investing in Fundraisers

Investing in Fundraisers

Guest Bloggers | 5 September 2017

The Scottish conference has always encouraged up and coming speakers, looking at new sessions and streams to continually improve and diversify the sessions for delegates. This year's Scottish Fundraising Conference speaker sponsors Karat Marketing tell us why it's important to them to support new speakers.

It is part of Karat’s mission to invest in personal development in the fundraising sector in Scotland. The IoF Scotland conference is a great opportunity for charities to connect with each other, learn what works and what doesn’t as well as explore the latest trends and opportunities.  The quality and diversity of speakers is critical to maximising the impact of the conference.

Bringing the best of the world to Scotland

We have heard many Scottish charities say they have felt left behind in terms of fundraising conferences.  The overseas opportunities for skill sharing and learning from the best are often too expensive or require too much time away from home.   This is why Karat believes Scotland deserves the very best of imported speakers at the Scotland conference. We will provide sponsorship so that speakers from the rest of the UK, Europe and eventually further afield can come to Scotland, share their experience and enjoy our hospitality.

Home grown talent

The Scottish conference has always encouraged home grown talent too to continually improve and diversify the sessions for delegates. This creates  a powerful cooperation and skill-share environment, as well as developing the sector as a whole.  It also gives an opportunity for personal development for those who may not have the chance elsewhere.  We are sponsoring the speaker training so that Scottish fundraisers can hone their skills, and perhaps start to travel to other countries’ conferences as speakers, so they can bring home their learning.

The best form of communication

Although Karat is now a full service agency, our foundations are in telephone fundraising.  We know, and evidence backs us up, that the best fundraising communication is one person directly speaking to another.  Speaking is the most flexible, interactive, powerful, emotive and persuasive medium there is.  Fundraisers all need to be good at it, so we are investing in this sponsorship to give plain old fashioned, inspiring and insightful talking the attention it deserves, for the first time ever at a national conference.

Speak, listen, learn, teach and enjoy.


Speaking can be a daunting process; requiring lengthy preparation as well as skills in presenting itself. It can often be overwhelming for first timers. Alan, Chair of Karat has 25 years’ experience as a creative director and consultant in fundraising.  He has worked with over 320 clients around the world.  He developed Alan Clayton Associate’s 'Great Fundraising' programme over a decade but is also a renowned plenary speaker and seminar leader, having spoken at various conferences across the globe.  His passion for fundraising and being the very best inspires those who attend his sessions and as Karat is Scotland’s fundraising agency, we are delighted to be supporting the IoF to bring the best of speakers and home grown talent to this very unique conference and giving them the best chance possible to deliver their sessions with excellence and confidence.


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