‘It is a fight against what has been neglected for too long in a sector I love’

‘It is a fight against what has been neglected for too long in a sector I love’

Guest Bloggers | 7 February 2019

Johnathan Ukueku explains why he got involved with the #ChangeCollective and what the movement means to him.

1. What does the Change Collective mean to you?

The #ChangeCollective is a movement which I am proud to be a part of. It is a movement for change within a sector where people of colour are not noticed and recognised. It is a fight against what has been neglected for too long in a sector I love. 

 2. Why does the fundraising sector need the #ChangeCollective movement?

For the last four years working in face-to-face fundraising I have felt alone and isolated as a manager and felt that my voice was not one that would be noticed because I was different – different not in ability but different in colour. All my line managers had been of a different socio-economic group and my creativity was just not what they was used to. While I saw my peers building networks with each other and going out with each other, I was not culturally understood. 

 3. What will success look like to you?

The Change Collective movement will have been a success when we have more managers who look like me, and when we have more people of the same socio-economic group as me in our sector so it easier to relate to them. We need to have more role models which people of colour can look up to and view as successful. We will see success once we make a 'collective change' towards diversity, which cannot happen while boardrooms are full of only white men. 

In November we launched our Manifesto for Change which sets out how we plan to embark on the journey to achieve an equal, diverse and inclusive profession where everyone is the right fit. We are encouraging fundraisers to sign up to the #ChangeCollective movement so we can work together to make fundraising a career for everyone.

Johnathan Ukueku is Fundraising Manager at Wood Green, The Animals Charity, and a member of the Black Fundraisers UK Special Interest Group. 



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