Leading the way

Leading the way

Guest Bloggers | 23 February 2018

Rebecca Elliott of Amnesty International UK shares how the Future Leaders Programme has given her the skills and techniques to take the next step in her career. Read how the programme has strengthened her work and helped her take on new projects with great pride.


What did you find most valuable about the programme?

I now know what it takes to be a great leader and I’m already putting this knowledge into practice. The course taught me the value of peer support and leadership at all levels, which motivated me to set up a support system with my fellow alumnus colleague. 

How have you applied your learning?

I have used both the coaching and action learning techniques in conversations and meetings with colleagues. I have also set up a coaching dynamic with a colleague and fellow former Future Leaders alumnus. When we have an issue we are struggling to find an answer to, we meet briefly in a meeting room and use the coaching technique we learnt on the programme to find a positive, easy to implement solution. This is proving invaluable and helping us both resolve issues quicker and more effectively.

What surprised you about the course?

The emotional intelligence session was particularly invaluable and something I feel I’m working into my working days quite regularly. The programme helped me identify that self-regulation was my biggest challenge and so I’ve worked on self-care outside of the office to improve my self-regulation inside the office (improving sleep, introducing meditation, etc.). These changes have helped improve my self-regulation in the office, as I have more patience and think through my responses to colleagues before articulating them.

What benefit has your Future Leaders expertise had on your charity’s initiatives and outcomes?

The programme has given me the tools to resolve conflict and issues with communication when they arise on projects, helping ensure that projects don’t go off track. This helped on a recent project when communication issues between key stakeholders was having a negative impact.

What project/s are you most proud of following the programme?

I’m proud of a current legacy research project I’m leading on. We’ve received really useful and positive insights from the research and I’m proud of the way I’ve lead the project, informed by my time on the programme.


Rebecca Elliott of Amnesty International UK, Supporter Development Team


The Future Leaders Programme has been designed for experienced fundraisers with the desire to become future Heads or Directors of Fundraising. This programme offers the unique opportunity for participants to develop the skills needed to take their careers to the next level and build a network of peers to support one another along the way. 

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