Our response to the Fundraising Regulator's Code Consultation

Our response to the Fundraising Regulator's Code Consultation

Stephanie Siddall | 28 April 2017

The Code of Fundraising Practice is, and has always been, an evolving set of standards that should be regularly reviewed and revised where needed to adapt to the changing environment. It’s an essential part of ensuring excellent fundraising practice which builds public trust and confidence from donors and enables charities to raise the income that is vital to deliver their objectives.

That’s why we welcomed the Fundraising Regulator’s consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice when it was launched back in February. Since then, we’ve been really pleased at the level of engagement that the Fundraising Regulator has undertaken around this consultation, with such a wide range of stakeholders, through speaking at a number of events across the UK and participating in webinars to raise awareness and answer questions. It’s positive to see such an open and transparent process, and we hope this will be a common theme in future consultations on the Code – we expect that the next one will be on issues around consent later this year following the ICO’s consultation on their own guidance on GDPR.

Today, we’ve set out a full response to the Fundraising Regulator on behalf of our members which you can read here. As part of the process of putting this together, we’ve considered the proposals put forward in the consultation document, taken views from members, and worked closely with our Standards Advisory Board. We also hosted a webinar, chaired by Daniel Fluskey (our Head of Policy and Research), which gave us an opportunity to ask Gerald Oppenheim and Stephen Service of the Fundraising Regulator some of the questions raised by our members about the proposed changes to be made to the Code to inform our response.

As well as answering the specific questions set out by the Fundraising Regulator in their consultation document, we’ve also been engaging with our members all across Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales to ensure that the views of our members operating under different and emerging regulatory systems are represented. We’ve highlighted the importance of this in our response, encouraging the Regulator to keep front of mind while considering any potential changes or amendments that the Code of Fundraising Practice must remain equally applicable and accessible across the whole of the UK.

We also know that, whatever the Fundraising Regulator decides, thought and consideration needs to be given to appropriate transition times to be introduced alongside any changes to the Code, as well as the production of any further guidance or resources which are needed to explain or clarify new requirements. With that in mind, we have offered to work with the Regulator, once final decisions are made, to support them in discussing the practicalities of transition times or any guidance needed to avoid unintended consequences and ensure that fundraisers are aware of and prepared for any forthcoming changes. Watch this space... 

Our full response can be found here


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