Shape the way forward

Shape the way forward

Guest Bloggers | 10 April 2018

Irene Chambers, Fundraising Manager at Kidneys for Life, was an advocate for bringing more training to regional fundraisers as an IoF trustee. Working for a small charity, she has offered as much as she has learned in her six-year term.



Why did you become a trustee?

I was based in the regions and wanted to ensure that the Institute brought more training and conferences out to the regions instead of always being in London as the Institute was a national organisation not just a London organisation.


How have you been able to apply your skills to your role as a trustee? 

Yes, I believe working for a small charity meant that I have to be a Jack of all trades and master of none so have experience in finance, marketing, various fundraising techniques and running a small charity. In addition, I was previously involved in finance in the private sector, which I was also able to use in my role on the finance and resources committee.


What has been the most worthwhile part of being an IoF trustee?

I have learnt loads and the ability to meet and work with those from a wide variety of charities has been invaluable in my fundraising role in the regions and has held in me in good stead with my own trustees. Six years has flown by!


Why would you encourage others to apply to be an IoF trustee?

Without a doubt, it is a very satisfying role with the opportunity to help shape the way forward for the Institute especially over the last few years and all that entailed. 


Irene Chambers, IoF trustee and Fundraising Manager at Kidneys for Life


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