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Working toward a bright future

Peter Hills-Jones | 13 March 2017

Peter Hills-Jones, IoF Director of Compliance, reflects on challenges to face-to-face fundraising and how the sector is maintaining standards through increasing pressure.

The past few years may have felt like a rollercoaster for fundraisers, but crucially without the enjoyment or the knowledge that it’ll eventually stop. While face-to-face has been one of the most resilient and reliable forms of fundraising over the past decade, the constant pressure to maintain standards has only grown in recent times.

The IoF Face-to-Face Fundraising conference has been another positive product of the merger between the Public Fundraising Association and the Institute of Fundraising and provides the sector with an opportunity to pause on reflect.

Yes, on our successes, but also how we move forward together to ensure F2F has a sustainable future. What has been most heartening is that when challenged, members have consistently risen to that challenge. The conference will therefore showcase how charities and agencies are embedding and strengthening compliance in their organisations without sacrificing innovation or their passion for fundraising.

But good compliance should not be either an organisational afterthought or a niche interest of only those people directly involved in managing and delivering fundraising services, whether in-house or agency based. The work the Compliance Directorate has been driving forward since Christmas has been focused on empowering and enabling members to achieve high levels of compliance independently and consistently. By giving members the tools, guidance and advice necessary to build up their own capability and capacity to shape their fundraising, we are confident our partnership approach will be successful.

Understanding risks and showing leadership are the two most effective means by which members can deploy appropriate and proportionate compliance responses to problems and challenges. The Institute’s own compliance programmes, whether mystery shopping for street and private site fundraising or call monitoring for telephone fundraising, provide members with a valuable and independent means by which your trustees, senior management and stakeholders can verify your standards. This provides the foundation for better compliance, while allowing members the freedom and space to develop proposals that meet their own specific needs.

Many of our members will be attending to demonstrate how effectively this strategy can be and I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. 

Peter will be chairing the IoF Face to Face Fundraising conference on 20th March



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