Marketing automation ideas for Not-for-Profits

Guest Bloggers | 23 June 2017

Marketing automation is a simple tool that significantly improves the way brands (charitable or commercial) engage with their customers, supporters, staff, and in essence, all other internal and external stakeholders.


You think it’s time to look for a new CRM – but where do you start?

Guest Bloggers | 15 June 2017

On average, a non-profit organisation will undergo the process of re-evaluating its CRM solution every 5 years, and start shopping around to see if there is a newer, better or more viable alternative.

Why Do Donors Give? Eight Ways to Communicate the Right Messages to Your Donors

Why Do Donors Give? Eight Ways to Communicate the Right Messages to Your Donors

Guest Bloggers | 16 November 2016

As the end of the year approaches and the giving season ramps up, donors find themselves giving more to their favourite charities.

peer to peer networking

Are you maximising the potential of peer-to-peer donors?

Guest Bloggers | 14 November 2016

John Bird, managing director at Blackbaud Europe, explores how technology is innovating the Peer-to-Peer supporter journey.

Brighton Heroes Run - Viking

When it comes to events fundraising, are you ahead of the crowd?

Daniel Fluskey | 15 August 2016

Whether it’s baking a cake, running a marathon, climbing a mountain, dressing up in a particular style or doing something completely off-the-wall, participating in an event to raise money for charity provides a unique opportunity for everyone to be a fundraiser.

DRTV television

True or False: Debunking DRTV Myths

Mark Mina | 6 June 2016

With TV being a popular medium for marketing, it’s important that marketers understand it and are not misguided by misconceptions in their TV campaigns.

Email symbols arising from a laptop

Meet Kinetic Email: the Latest in Dynamic Content and Donor Engagement

Guest Bloggers | 16 May 2016

The last 10 years have been a whirlwind of technological advances that have changed the way we think about fundraising — almost on a daily basis!

Myths about email

True or false: Debunking Email Marketing Myths

Mark Mina | 9 May 2016

Having debunked direct mail myths, fast.MAP research shows many marketers make the same mistakes when it comes to email. Have you fallen into any of these traps in your email campaigns?

A journey to nowhere?

A journey to nowhere?

Guest Bloggers | 5 March 2014

It’s time to sharpen your pitchforks and add oil to your torches! This heretic actually questions whether there is such a construct as a supporter/donor journey at the moment or whether it is a concept brought to life by some snake oil selling consultancy?