'It helped me deliver more effective campaigns'

'It helped me deliver more effective campaigns'

Guest Bloggers | 20 June 2018

Andy Heald, Director of Marketing and Fundraising Services at Yeomans, found the online Certificate in Fundraising so valuable that he later took on the online Diploma in Fundraising. Here, he shares what the experience was like and importantly, how his new expertise helped him deliver fundraising projects with excellent outcomes.

Do short term roles help or hinder your career?

Do short term roles help or hinder your career?

Guest Bloggers | 11 June 2018

We know the charity sector is no stranger to short-term contracts, this is even truer when it comes to fundraising roles. Just how much of an impact does the commonality of six and 12 month contracts have? Are they negative, a lifespan of the role, or a chance to develop a broad and diverse skill set to continually improve your career?

Make your fundraising career flourish

Make your fundraising career flourish

Guest Bloggers | 16 April 2018

If you’re already established in a fundraising career, you may be in a position to think about your next move. Whether you’re at the start of your career or experienced, whether you’re a face to face fundraiser or deal with corporate sponsorships, these essential tips from CharityJob could help you progress your fundraising career.

People in the workplace

What does it really mean to be a fundraiser?

Guest Bloggers | 10 October 2017

We all know that fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes. What it really means to be one is quite variable really, depending on where and on what a fundraiser is working.


Finding your first fundraising role

Guest Bloggers | 19 June 2017

Are you considering a career in Fundraising? Well, you should!