No charity branding equals fewer contact permissions

Guest Bloggers | 30 January 2017

Trust influences donors willingness to give their contact permission. That statement almost seems obvious and self-explanatory. The real question is by how much does trust influence the donor's willingness to give a contact permission? The answer is “a lot!” The result should make any fundraiser reconsider some of the ways fundraising has been done online the last 20 years.


ICO fines - what are the legal implications for charities and fundraisers?

Institute of Fundraising | 27 January 2017

The recent Monetary Penalty Notices issued to BHF and the RSPCA by the ICO have understandably raised concerns and questions for charities and fundraisers about their implications for charitable fundraising moving forward.

Data from a tablet

What’s next for 2017: Data based fundraising?

Guest Bloggers | 21 December 2016

With the changed fundraising environment, many charities priorities and focus have shifted toward managing donor data. Howard Lake explores...

Green button on keyboard

Reviewing the FPS: from a big red button towards a ‘win win’?

Daniel Fluskey | 19 December 2016

Earlier this month the Fundraising Regulator announced its decision on a way forward for the Fundraising Preference Service. IoF Head of Policy and Research, Daniel Fluskey, takes a further look.

United as Europeans, but divided on consent

United as Europeans, but divided on consent

David Cole | 23 May 2016

Three cheers for a good idea - the intention to create a unified data protection framework across the European Union.

Email symbols arising from a laptop

Meet Kinetic Email: the Latest in Dynamic Content and Donor Engagement

Guest Bloggers | 16 May 2016

The last 10 years have been a whirlwind of technological advances that have changed the way we think about fundraising — almost on a daily basis!

FPS Discussion paper

Fundraising Preference Service discussion paper - what do we think?

Daniel Fluskey | 4 April 2016

We should recognise that the Working Group have set this out as ‘top-line thinking’ with thoughts, ideas, propositions on the scope of an FPS. This is not a consultation on a detailed and complete model.

Consent marketers - be more anthropomorphic!

Consent marketers - be more anthropomorphic!

David Cole | 31 March 2016

Marketing conferences are full of wide-eyed marketing gurus proclaiming trust is the next big marketing thing. Without trust, they say, a brand cannot survive in the modern commercial world. With trust, they infer, everything is possible. Well I’ve got news for you; it takes more than trust.

Fundraising in a residential street

A fundraising preference service, not a charity preference service?

Daniel Fluskey | 30 March 2016

Over the months since the idea of a Fundraising Preference Service was first set out in the Etherington review of fundraising self-regulation*, a great deal of supposition and estimation has gone in to thinking about what it might do and how it could actually work.

Guide to Charity Permission Statements

Want to create permission statements persuasive enough to boost consent rates?

David Cole | 21 March 2016

It’s no longer acceptable to hide the opt-out box or use confusing wording to boost the number of people consenting to communication from charities.

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