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Why we need to give supporters more control over their payments

Why we need to give supporters more control over their payments

Guest Bloggers | 2 July 2018

Recent years have seen a raft of new contactless and digital payment technology evolve to become fast, easy and convenient to suit today’s increasingly time-poor consumer. Adoption continues to rise and it’s clear that people are seeking out payment methods that work with their busy lives and variable finances, and this is just as true for charity supporters.

Ensuring confidence in online giving

Ensuring confidence in online giving

Stephanie Siddall | 12 June 2018

Online fundraising platforms have made an enormous difference to charity fundraising and give the public an easy and accessible way of supporting the causes they care about – particularly as an immediate response to an emergency situation.

Female race runner

Virtual Events – combining fitness, fundraising and technology

Guest Bloggers | 28 November 2017

Blockbuster, speed dating and the Nokia 8210 were all things we loved. In 2004. The world has changed and digital is the future, our lives are run through smart phones and apps, and the event fundraising landscape is starting to look like that too.

Rotary - New Delhi, India - Slums 41

Maximising value: The business case for investing in VR

Guest Bloggers | 18 October 2017

VR, well used is a powerful tool for fundraisers and many charities have reaped the rewards, some of them unexpected. But producing VR content, either 360 degree video or interactive CGI, requires significant investment, so how can one be sure there will be a return on the initial outlay?

Fundraising Matters

Fundraising Matters: 7 non-profit experts share their secrets

Guest Bloggers | 23 August 2017

From marketing to governance and leveraging data insight, Fundraising Matters explores the way that practices throughout non-profit organisations play a part in building stronger constituent relationships, enhancing fundraising and delivering more for causes.

How to improve your charity's digital fundraising

How to improve your charity's digital fundraising

Guest Bloggers | 28 July 2017

With many charities still struggling to grow their digital know-how, Rebecca Curtis-Moss and Ross McCulloch look at some examples of great digital fundraising.

Innovation spaceship

These heroes are paving the way for innovation in the sector

Adam Bryan | 25 July 2017

I must say how impressed I am by the radical transformation the RNLI are going through. Far more than a move to opt-in, they are dramatically changing the way they operate as a charity, as well as how they raise income.

Runners at a fundraising event

3 ways to enhance your charity event with the help of technology

Guest Bloggers | 20 March 2017

Organising a charity event? Find out how to enhance your event management process with the help of technology.

JustGiving logo

JustGiving: there’s a need to invest in innovation to support good causes

Guest Bloggers | 7 February 2017

There is a new story in the press this morning criticising one of the most important companies supporting the sector, JustGiving. JustGiving are ‘accused’ of taking £20m from donations while paying their staff up to £200,000.

5 Predictions for Future of Fundraising

5 Predictions for Future of Fundraising

Beth Kanter | 2 February 2017

As we start a new year, it’s time to think about a new digital strategy. How can you futureproof your fundraising activity? Master trainer and social media guru, Beth Kanter, has predicted the future of fundraising. While future trends don’t always come to fruition, at Social Misfits Media we think these are a pretty safe bet.

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