Donor experience: Are we doing it all wrong?

Donor experience: Are we doing it all wrong?

Guest Bloggers | 3 June 2018

If we look at the most commonly used phrases in our sector at the moment, I’d hazard a guess that ‘donor experience’ must come a very close second to ‘GDPR’. We’ve had the Commission on the Donor Experience, we’ve got a new IoF Donor Experience Special Interest Group setting up the Donor Experience Project, we have donor experience teams and ‘donor experience’ is appearing in more and more job descriptions.

Bold new ways to give donors what they want

Bold new ways to give donors what they want

Guest Bloggers | 8 May 2018

We use a lot of jargon words in fundraising. We aren’t unique. We share this joy with every other sector. Our own private language that allows us to talk in code, sort of convinced we fully understand each other. It is both a blessing in communication efficiency and a wall between us and authenticity.

Satisfaction and commitment

Satisfaction and commitment

Guest Bloggers | 8 April 2018

An obsession with short-term financial key performance indicators is the single biggest reason that donors are dissatisfied with the way charities fundraise, but if all we measure is income we won't change anything. In this piece, Roger Lawson argues that, if we're serious about improving our donors’ experiences, the first thing we should change is what we measure.

Person using Virtual reality headset

Virtual reality shows a story words can’t tell

Guest Bloggers | 11 January 2018

VR beyond extreme sports and exotic locations – one charity is using it to show us what it’s like to have dementia and is captivating a bigger audience in the process, writes Laura Phipps PhD, Head of Communications and Engagement at Alzheimer’s Research UK, and speaker at the IoF’s recent Digital Inspiration Conference.

The Science of Engagement

The Science of Engagement

Kylie Kitchen | 29 November 2017

If you think about fundraising and engagement, donors – existing or potential, are the first people you might think of. But could we have greater success if we first improved how we engaged our staff?


Crossing the donor consent chasm

Guest Bloggers | 12 September 2017

J Cromack is the CEO for Wood for Trees and one of our speakers at IoF's Transforming your Supporter Journey Conference.

GDPR – Evolution or Revolution?

GDPR – Evolution or Revolution?

Guest Bloggers | 8 September 2017

Leesa Harwood is Director of Community Lifesaving and Fundraising and will be chairing IoF’s Transforming you Supporter Journey Conference on Monday 11 September.

Hands together

What’s stopping you transforming your supporter journey?

Charlie Hulme | 29 August 2017

No matter how much time, energy and money we invest, our new supporter journey always ends up the same place the old one did.

The Commission on the Donor Experience

The Challenge of Changing Fundraising Culture

Guest Bloggers | 21 June 2017

Chris Washington-Sare, of Pentatonic Marketing, looks at the challenges for the sector ahead of the Commission on Donor Experience report launch on Wednesday 5th July.

Two people talking over tea

What’s in a name?

Guest Bloggers | 14 December 2016

What do you call the people you work with?

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