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Shake it up for the festive period

Guest Bloggers | 4 December 2017

Stumped for new fundraising ideas this festive season? Need to start thinking of campaigns for the New Year? CharityJob have some ideas...

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Maximising value: The business case for investing in VR

Guest Bloggers | 18 October 2017

VR, well used is a powerful tool for fundraisers and many charities have reaped the rewards, some of them unexpected. But producing VR content, either 360 degree video or interactive CGI, requires significant investment, so how can one be sure there will be a return on the initial outlay?

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These heroes are paving the way for innovation in the sector

Adam Bryan | 25 July 2017

I must say how impressed I am by the radical transformation the RNLI are going through. Far more than a move to opt-in, they are dramatically changing the way they operate as a charity, as well as how they raise income.

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JustGiving: there’s a need to invest in innovation to support good causes

Guest Bloggers | 7 February 2017

There is a new story in the press this morning criticising one of the most important companies supporting the sector, JustGiving. JustGiving are ‘accused’ of taking £20m from donations while paying their staff up to £200,000.

Four Fundraising predictions for 2017

Four Fundraising predictions for 2017

John Baguley | 5 January 2017

As fundraisers embark on a new year of raising money for their respective charities, International Fundraising Consultancy CEO and winner of the IoF Lifetime Contribution Award, John Baguley, gazes into his crystal ball and predicts the top trends for the fundraising sector in 2017...

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What’s next for 2017: Data based fundraising?

Guest Bloggers | 21 December 2016

With the changed fundraising environment, many charities priorities and focus have shifted toward managing donor data. Howard Lake explores...

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The ghosts of fundraising innovation past

Adam Bryan | 20 December 2016

Adam Bryan, Director of Partnerships at the IoF, takes a look at some of the most innovative fundraising ideas from years gone by and asks... what's the next big thing?

Charities should keep digital innovation at the heart of their approach

Charities should keep digital innovation at the heart of their approach

Guest Bloggers | 28 September 2016

Over the past five years we’ve seen drastic changes in how people interact with digital things. The average person now checks their smartphone 85 times a day, spending five hours browsing the web and using apps. Google processes a mind blowing 40,000 searches a second; it’s fair to say we live in a digital world.

Why your charity might be like a travel agent (or how not to get left behind)

Why your charity might be like a travel agent (or how not to get left behind)

Guest Bloggers | 26 September 2016

We naturally look towards others within the charity sector to gauge how well we’re grappling with digital change. But what if more digital change suddenly hit the industry at great pace? Would your charity be ready? Or would you be left behind?

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Are you using the latest video trends for charity impact and engagement?

Kris Rollo | 22 August 2016

We often hear how important it is for charities to demonstrate their impact, highlight why they exist, what they do and the change that they make.

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