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Lord Grade

Lord Grade on meeting with IoF Chair Amanda Bringans

Guest Bloggers | 21 August 2017

In July, the Chair of the IoF, Amanda Bringans, met with the Chair of the Fundraising Regulator, Lord Grade, to discuss regulation in the sector. We are glad to post a piece from Lord Grade on his thoughts following the discussion.

Why aren’t we trading more?

Why aren’t we trading more?

Guest Bloggers | 31 July 2017

I’d found myself in the situation that many people in small and medium-sized charities find themselves: trying to find a new source of income or close.

Amanda Bringans

On meeting with Lord Grade

Amanda Bringans | 26 July 2017

I had my first meeting with Lord Grade, Chair of the Fundraising Regulator, this week at his offices in the west end. I spent a few years working in television at the start of my career, and we share some very old friends so we had a brief chat about some memories – a good way to start.